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    Yea, good discussion.

    Now that you mention it, science teams in the Alien films were much more capable and believable. Been a while since I've seen those ;S. It would also be in Weyland's best interest to get a strong team on board.
    From a storytelling perspective, the strong crews in those films also made the threat much more clear.

    Overall, I thought the premise and experience (design, visuals, atmosphere, I loved watching this in 3d) were fantastic. But isn't it strange how most of the problems we discussed are at a very basic level? How were these not sifted out?

    Lovecraft is something I still have to try out. Just one of those things in that long list of stuff yet to be read/watched. Guess I'll move him up a few spots, haha. I actually have Andrei Tarkovsky's Solyaris waiting to be watched as well....

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    "Actually the whole discussion on the crew reminded me of Stanislaw Lem's "Eden". Farvus

    Ive not read that one. I will.

    I think its way more scary when the people are at least competent.
    In Alien, they did everything that could be expected of some random people who work together and they still got fucked. It was so awesome.

    Yeah I have to say the monster looked amazing. Although I totally didnt like the Engineer guys really, it all felt like a crap version of Protector. Which would make a sick movie done right btw. Id love to see it filmed more like a detective show and action, David Mamet or someone writing it, lots of face shots and intense plot shit to go with the bananas visuals.

    "But isn't it strange how most of the problems we discussed are at a very basic level? How were these not sifted out?"

    No idea, youd think given the money theyre spending theyd spend an afternoon going over it to see if it makes any sense.
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