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Thread: GLS Portfolio Review - John Pacer

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    GLS Portfolio Review - John Pacer

    Hello! My name’s John.

    I graduated with a BFA in Fine Art years ago from the Academy of Art University. I had initially gone out to SF because I wanted to work as a Concept Artist for film and PC Games. Once I got there, though, I found my interests shifted greatly and I switched majors to Fine Art. There were many reasons for this.

    Recently, I've been getting back into the idea of doing Concept Art and Illustration with Sci-Fi and Fantasy themes and have been trying to teach myself digital painting.

    The first six images are oil paintings. The last four are examples of my attempts at digital painting (with some thumbnails thrown in).

    Basically, my goal is as simple as I would like to earn a living through drawing and painting. Ideally, I would like to do Concept Art for LucasArts, Bioware, Bethesda, or Blizzard (Actually, I’d love to work on a Graphic Adventure game, but not many people seem to make those anymore). I’d also like to do Illustrations for book covers or magazines as well as a graphic novel at some point.

    Name:  Pacer_John_01-On-the-Beach.jpg
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    Name:  Pacer_John_02_MFA.jpg
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    Name:  Pacer_John_03-Falling-Sky.jpg
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    Name:  Pacer_John-2-Self_Portrait.jpg
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    Name:  Self-Port_2.jpg
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    Name:  Pacer_John_04-Pale-Horse.jpg
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    Name:  Pacer_John-05-Life_On_Mars.jpg
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    Name:  Pacer_John-03-Digital-War_Zone.jpg
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    Name:  underwater_temple.jpg
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