Hey everyone. My name is Joe and I am a new owner of the S7S. I have literally been waiting forever to get my hands on this sweet piece of machinery and have placed a bit of debt on my head to get one. Thats how worth getting one has been to me. Upon getting it, I was very pleased with the overall weight and feel of the machine and could easily see myself spending hours upon hours on it. I am a fledgling artist currently in school and persuing a career in animation. I love to draw and bought this primarily because of its application in art. That being said, I was kind of disapointed with how it comes out of the box. I saw that there was a bunch of updates that needed to be performed to get it up to speed and useable. I visited the Tabletpcreview.com forums alot, in particularly the threads "Sticky: Wacom Pen Driver -- configuration and calibration?" and "How to set up your Samsung Series 7 Slate for 'Serious Photoshop Work'!" because they seemed to have the most information about getting the slate set up for art use. However, they have seem to fallen aside and have not been updated with relevant information in a bit. I have posted on them but have also yet to receive any new information. Perhaps I am being a bit impatient but I literally spend hours everyday searching for ways to get this thing working properly. My unit has really not been modded or changed in anyway outside of performing system critical updates. It still runs the preinstalled windows 7 home ed. I have no interest in updating to windows 8, as 7 works just fine for me, so any suggestions I receive would need to be applicable for windows 7. The problems I face are simple ones and mainly stem from the driver issues.
-I updated the Wacom Drivers to the ones found on the samsung support site. (Wacom Digitizer Pen (Driver) (ver. and that gave me use of pressure sensitivity to Photoshop but not Sketchbook Pro. I use SBP alot, so it is really a must have on my slate. PS is obviously another must have so having the drivers work for both is really a must. I have seen posts that people have been able to get both working simultaneously and would really love to know how.
- Once I installed the latest Wacom driver, I noticed how horrible the pressure curves really is. In the thread "How to set up your Samsung Series 7 Slate for 'Serious Photoshop Work'!", the author mentions chaning a .dat folder to his preset sensitivity curves. However, the location he points out as to the location of the folder does not exist in my system. Also the file name he mentions "ISD_Tablet.dat" is actually a .dll file extension in my system. He supplies a link to a curve editing tool, but later on in the thread I see that his art dock does not work anymore (it was broken in a recent update) and that probably includes the curve editor as well. I would love to get this straightened out as well.
I greatly apprecaite any contributions that can be made. Thank you all to whom ever posts and responds.