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  • Si_Swe

    26 34.21%
  • albino-Z

    40 52.63%
  • Tchuk

    4 5.26%
  • Grievous_666

    4 5.26%
  • jon n

    0 0%
  • Snowgoyless

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  • elephant's stroke

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  • basti0n

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  • Dr. DK Danmage

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  • Prometheus09

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Thread: C.O.W. #261, the cute fuzzy bombs. Voting.

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    C.O.W. #261, the cute fuzzy bombs. Voting.

    Post your final image and description here! No WIPs or placeholders allowed!!! I will delete them. Use the proper thread for this purpose.

    Only 1 post per artist allowed! If necessary you may add questions in your post, if you need some last minute help, but actually the wip thread is the right place for this.

    I will close the thread after the deadline and look through the images when setting up the poll. Entries which break one or more rules will be deleted.

    Copy and paste the following lines and add your own content. Delete all * before posting. You can use the attachment function for the image as well. I will delete all replies, which are not posted this way.

    USE THE ATTACHMENT MANAGER (post reply > go advanced > attachment manager - and use the paperclip icon to embed the image)! This way no images get lost over time.

    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White]your-nickname[/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White]name-of-your-creature[/COLOR]

    Requirements this week...

    - the creature must be small and furry. no larger than an average rabbit. and should be very cute looking!

    - the creature must have a way of exploding. ( doesn't have to be realistic, get creative!)

    - if you can also show it exploding you get extra credit ( which just means you get everyone saying "hey dude way to do something cool!
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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Bubblegum Blast-Rats

    There are few species quite as oblivious as the Bubblegum Blast-Rat. Breeding at a rate of approximately 100 new Blast-rats a month, per-member of the horde sounds like a recipe for disaster... and it is, but not in the way one would think. See the Blast-Rat is so oblivious of it's surrounding, that, upon seeing a predator the Blast-Rat will have a surge of adrenaline, which, unfortunately for it, it is highly allergic to. The allergic reaction trigger the massive quantities of phosphorous in the Blast-Rat's diet to ignite, cause the Blast-Rat to explode (creating a distinct popping sound). Often this may cause a chain reaction of Blast-Rats becoming startled enough to explode. An exploded Blast-Rat will usually leave behind it's large, bushy tail which often float around like tumbleweed. They are collected by local artists as they create excellent brush-making material.

    It is said that the prairies that house the Bubblegum Blast-Rats are simultaneously the most fertile and least profitable place to build farms, often having ones crops blasted to smitherines right before harvest. It is said that the Bay farming family has lived on those prairies for a century. Their youngest son Michael taking inspiration from the Bubblegum Blast-Rats and going on to have a lucrative if mediocre film career.
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    Check out creature designs and make some of your own:
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    Artist: albino-Z

    Concept: fluffy cheekbooms
    they are fluffeh!
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    Artist: Tchuk

    Concept: Squineek
    Living in the treetops of the Kaloa province, these adorable creatures have gained a fearful reputation despite their welcoming appearance. Breeding in excess, their population is only kept in check by their natural defence capability. When threatened by a predator members of the group will valiantly run, dive and jump onto their would be attackers before quickly inflating and exploding in a shower of blood and deadly acid. This agonisingly maims and more often than not, kills the predator serving as a warning to other creatures nearby to steer clear of the Squineeks.
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    Artist: Grievous_666

    Concept: Feather Fuse
    This is a non flying bird like the penguin and the ostrich. the feather fuse lives in a large population and when the feel threatened the will group all together and run in a big circle. If a predator moves in the closes bird will run at it and makes there top feather inject a chemical in there brain. This chemical mix with an other chemical housed in a chemical sack in the brain will form a combustible gas. This gas will make there head swell up. When close enough the bird will ignite the gas in its head and the skull will fracture in to small bits acting like a frag grenade most of the time only the feed remain and some burning feathers.

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    Artist: jon n

    Concept: miniature bllama
    genetically engineered mobile incendiary device, abandoned on the grounds that they are 1- 'too jittery' and 2- 'don't explode when they are supposed too!'.

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    Artist: Snowgoyless

    Concept: Ottorpedo

    Ottorpedo(otter+torpedo) is a small aquatic mammal that literally launches itself at the predators. Bumps located on the front of the creature's head will detonate on the impact if the living torpedo gets enough velocity.
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    Artist: elephant's stroke

    Concept: greenples
    "Nature has the coolest patterns because there is chaos but then, it's also controled" Feng Zhu, design cinema, episode 35


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    Cute Fuzzy Bomb C.O.W. 260

    Artist: Basti0n

    Concept: Fuzzysplodster
    this creature undergoes an explosive chemical reaction when faced with stressful circumstances. if it isnt getting enough love you might have a suprisingly volatile situation on your hands
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    Artist: Dr. DK Danmage

    Concept: Tiger Mouse
    The Tiger mouse has developed an explosive organ, which it spits out to warn its predator of danger. The organ is covered in a slimy goo, and it glows bright pink. When squeezed, this organ will explode violently and turn anything in a 20 foot radius to dust. The Tiger mouse needs this organ to survive, so it must sacrifice it's own life to use it. We don't know too much about the Tiger mouse other than this, many scientists have died attempting to understand the Tiger mouse, and they are widely considered too dangerous to study.

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    COW #261: Black-footed Sodium Sapper

    Artist: Prometheus09

    Concept: Black-footed Sodium Sapper
    Sappers are small, quirky mammals that live in rocky burrows in the arctic regions of Hedonia. There, they forage for moss and other small ground cover, and hide from the many large predators that stalk the snowdrifts.

    Sappers have a unique self-defense mechanism, whereby they store pure sodium in a special oil-filled bladder in their gut, and when threatened by predators, they burst this bladder, which causes the sodium to detonate violently upon contact with bodily water in the body.

    Only male sappers use this ability defensively, which means that males outnumber females at birth; females watch after the babies, which they give birth to at a tremendous rate.
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    Holy cockflaps Albino, the lighting on those beasties is amazing They maybe look a tad too sinister but all in all still the best of the bunch. Well played sir.
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    I do think Albinos was the prettiest out of the lot, but my vote goes to Si_Swe purely because there was a description and an explaination for how it was designed.

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