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Thread: Do you keep your old drawings?

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    I only have a few from when I was young because my Mum kept them, I gave up art for a lot of years and only started painting last year. Now I sketch designs for paintings I'm doing and keep all the sketches in a folder, most of my paintings are for other people so the only record of that work is the sketches and digital photos. The paintings I keep are my personal favourites.
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    I used to keep everything I did in a box. Then it became two boxes. Then three. Then a room. This summer actually I went and took high-resolution scans of EVERYTHING and stored them on both my harddrive and the cloud. Now I'm hoping to sell some of the sketches at some conventions and renaissance faires this summer.

    It'll be hard to let them go--- but I need more room!
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    fuck no

    but I do take pictures of them before discarding
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    Quote Originally Posted by visoutre View Post
    Whoohoo, another animation student who feels the same way! So my conclusion is animators are generally less attached to their drawings because they draw so many quickies, whereas other disciplines like illustration put more time into single images and feel more personal investment. Interesting stuff...
    Depends... I still have all or most of the frames from several old multimedia animation jobs in big boxes... Actually, that's the only way I can view some of them now, none of those titles run on modern computers anymore. Sometimes I think I'll re-scan them so as to have working digital copies, but then I think when am I ever gonna have time to do that, soooo... big boxes, yep. :/
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    If they're easy to keep (meaning, in a sketchbook) then yes.

    Otherwise...not really unless it's something important. Those I'd store somewhere.

    Seriously, the only stuff I have nowadays was the stuff made after I joined this site. Everything else is most likely gone unless I do some digging at my folk's house, but the most definite stopping point would be 2000, if not later. It's impossible for me to find anything before that year. It's a shame, because if anything those are things I'd really like to have.
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    i had all my art from when i was like 5, (25 now) but now when i get discouraged and pissed i throw i tend to destroy it now.
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