I have a Wacom intuos4 Small graphics tablet. When my original bamboo stopped working, I bough this on and I've had it for about a year in and half now. While using this tablet I have been trying to learn to draw as well. The problem I'm facing is that I can seem to "hit the mark" correctly. Let me provide deeper detail, I want to draw well lines without my hand shaking.
Here is two artist who I have been studying for a while now. One of them is actually a popular member on ConceptArt:
Alien1452 (Livestream): http://www.livestream.com/alien1452/...a-cf1772cf4734
Belitter (Youtube): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXCwOMHDvjY&feature=plcp

I'm not exactly sure what type of Wacom tablet Alien1452 uses (Graphics tablet or Tablet monitor), but I do know that Belitter uses a graphire 3 tablet. Here is the issue I have when using a tablet. While drawing, I usually put on a wrist gaurd and glove, I cut all of the gloves fingers out leaving the pinky finger untouched. Then, I start drawing, at first I used to draw with my wrist until I did some research on the forums and found that it was better to draw with the arm. So, now I am drawing with my arm, but I still have touble starting the painting. Here is a 5 min example of me drawing. When I draw I don't know how to draw without taking my hand off of the page.

Help using a tablet - FULL DETAIL

I am able to draw with regular paper quite well.

Help using a tablet - FULL DETAIL

When I try to draw without the glove, I get the feeling of resistance. Also, I have Smaller tablet, I thought that was the problem at first; but, after seeing other artist like Belitter or Genzoman who is using a much more smaller tablet than I am draw fantastic paintings and illustrations (graphire and a bamboo small), I am very confused on how to draw with a tablet.

The last amount of information I can display is a video I've just created where I try to draw over the same line twice. I also try to draw parallel to that line/curve using both fast and slow speeds. using Corel Painter 12. I know I could use line tools to achieve the curves; but, I am trying to draw it freehand like Alien1452 and belitter.


Any links or advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. I really need help with this, please don't just skip this post without giving some small information. I am really stumped here and I don't know what to do. How did you learn to use a tablet well? pld: