Hello everyone!!!

I like to thank the Deviant Community for letting me participate on this Art Contest. I will express some of my ideas behind the design of this image.

When I started to create this image I wanted to recreate the living city of Dodge within the environment, so I took some of the elements in the Dart car and rearrange them to create things like Bridge Dodge.
So the actual design of the bridge is inspired by the overal design of car.

Having those elements I wanted to make it feel fast and strong within the city, but making sure that Dart was the principal and focus of this image.

The total time was 24 hours of painting, done in Photoshop, I used some photo references for the car, and from there I took my imagination and skills let the rest of it make it happen.

I hope you guys enjoy and plz if you have any comments leave it in the comment box below.