Hi, I'm currently working as a concept artist for the Middle Earth Mod for morrowind (Total Conversion). Our team is looking for concept artists, texturers, and modellers. If you haven't heard of this mod already, then I'll go through the little I know of the immense overhaul this mod is making on the morrowind engine. (morrowind is a PC video game developed by Bethesda if you didn't know)

Well, our team (Team MEmod) is designing every single item in Middle Earth including pixel shaded water, pixel shaded moving grass, all the rocks, trees, peoples of middle earth, virtually every object in Tolkiens Middle Earth, and were creating a completely new landmass of Tolkien's Middle Earth.

The team is extremely professional, though this is not a paying job because it is illegal to profit off an already distributed game. We have private and public MIRC channels and forums, along with a website (www.memod.co.uk) Our forums are located at http://mwsource.com/forum/index.php where much more information can be found about MEmod, just scroll down. If your interested in becoming part of the team, just fill out an application on the APPLICATION forum section under Middle Earth Public Forums, but be sure to read about the application format at the forum sticky first. : ) Remember, were looking for Concept artists, modellers and texturers. Also, be sure to post examples of your work.

Thanks again for your time, If you want some more experience in drawing/modelling/texturing while having a wonderful time designing the peoples/places and many objects of Middle Earth, MEmod is a rare chance to work with a bunch of motivated individuals who will gladly welcome any talents in whatever fields that you excel.
All best and good luck,
Kevin M. (kfmccall-Memod Teamster)