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Thread: Life Drawings and Studies

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    Thanks ArtHound! Yeah I love to try all different kinds of materials, it's always fun to mess around with new stuff all the time. =)

    Okay so most of these are on my website, but whatev. I'll post them here anyway. These are now all drawings I've done outside of school at other lifedrawing venues.
    3 hrs each, charcoal:

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    Name:  figure2.jpg
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    These were longer, first one was about 5 hours (I don't remember if I drew for the whole pose, though.) The second one was longer than five hours- I think 6 or 7. I remember that I got to the point where I was sooo tired of drawing this pose that day. I realized that the longest I can work on one pose in one day is probably 5 hours, but it's better if you do smaller poses over a few weeks. (at least for me, anyway) Otherwise you just get drained and you lose your clarity. Also, I bought a roll of gray-toned strathmore paper which I planned on using for a 6 foot tall figure drawing- but before I started on it, I tried it out for this pose. You can see the vine charcoal ended up going on to the paper all cloudy-like. I didn't like that, plus that strathmore paper is really thin. So I ended up using a large roll of white canson paper for my project instead. I love canson and fyi, apparently you can order custom sizes of colored/toned canson paper but you have to order at least one metric ton. I asked them because I wanted a toned gray roll which they don't sell. Funny fact. Sadly I don't have any place to put a ton of paper.

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    Name:  figure4.jpg
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    Hi guys! Okay this might be my last entry for a while because I'm out of life drawings to post. In my private class I'm working on painting the figure and in the future I might post some of those studies. But for now, here is my most recent stuff...
    All charcoal, give or take 3hrs.

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    Name:  IMG_4677.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_4654.jpg
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    (^I forgot her bellybutton in that one, lol.)

    Name:  IMG_5104.jpg
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    Name:  sco_life1.jpg
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    ^This last one is pencil in my moleskine, done at a dr. sketchy's type of get together.

    Okay, peace out for now!
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