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Thread: A Censored Word

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    A Censored Word

    I just realized that the term ". com" is censored from this site.

    In the interest of constructive feedback for the forum (a principal which the forum itself is built around), I'd like to voice my extreme disapproval of this, for these reasons:

    1. It promotes ignorance. contains valuable artistic resources that are being hidden from CA users.*
    2. It hinders artist exposure. promotes artists, many of whom are not on CA, and are therefore hidden from CA users.*
    3. It promotes the idea that rather than appreciating and rising to meet competition, you should pretend they don't exist while you stay in your current state. This is the absolute opposite of what the spirit of CA is known for.
    4. It promotes the idea of artists being in begrudging clans. Artists should be able to communicate and circulate ideas with anyone from any site.
    5. It promotes the idea that CA administrators are dictatorial. I'm not saying that's necessarily true. I'm saying it promotes the idea, which is all it takes to make members feel stifled, which is not conductive to a positive and creative environment.

    *Of course is not literally hidden from users, but it gives the impression that CA is attempting to hide it. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but public perception is important if you want to remain a forum populated by the public.

    All of these facts seem to be in blatant contrast of the ideal forum for artists, and because of that I'd like to request that the censor be removed.

    I don't post this for the sake of frowning upon CA or getting people riled up (hence my posting in a lesser used subforum), but simply because it's an issue I genuinely care about.

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    It's kind of weird. really has no reason to be that insecure about a little healthy competition.
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    jsyk you can use url shortener (or any other similar service) for posting links
    but this whole thing is really weird to me.

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    Try looking up who owns . They make it very hard to see who owns it. I imagine that there could be some bad blood between the two sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikken View Post
    jsyk you can use url shortener (or any other similar service) for posting links
    but this whole thing is really weird to me.
    That's what I did in my sig. It's easy to get around, just the principle of it is upsetting to me.

    Even if there is some bad blood there, censoring a word like that seems incredibly petty and immature to me.

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    Safe.House Atelier anyone?

    I don't know. I find the whole practice in bad taste and somewhat immature, bad blood notwithstanding.

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    It is not the only word, if I'mnot mistaken the g.n.o.m.o.n ( I use periods in between) was or it still is a censored word here on CA, does anyone knows the reason? Does CA not allow users to refers to the so called competing sites/schools?

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