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    The Game Players - W.I.P

    Hey all.

    I studied sculpture in art school and recently I've been exploring illustration. Never having drawn much in a critical environment, I'm looking for some serious input in any an all areas. Please feel free to be harsh; I love what I've been doing, and am deeply invested in improving.

    Since I work entirely on my own, I'm trying to hone my ability to see flaws in my own work. I don't mean to pre-empt criticism in these areas, but these are things I've spotted on my own and would like more specific input on:

    - Arm anatomy: as if I wasn't cheating enough by giving these guys big, billowy robes, I managed to botch some of the only anatomy that's showing! The guy on the left seems to have a few extra joints all over the place.

    -Rendering Fabric: this has always been a huge weakness of mine when drawing from imagination... the areas of shadow and light on their robes need serious work. I'm always looking for new exercises and tips for rendering clothing and fabric in a way that doesn't call attention to itself.

    - "Chess"board: minor perspective issues between the pieces and the board itself

    - Balance of Image: the overall composition is too bottom heavy, and I believe I need to bring some more dark areas into that amorphous white space behind the characters.

    This piece is approximately 80% finished. It will be completed in B&W, with no color added.

    "The Game Players" 15" x 23 " Ink on Bristol

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    I like the design and the facial expressions. You've created an interesting sense of narrative. Only things I'd work on are the extremities that push out into that harsh white space. The contrast is super harsh, and I can't make out areas like hood/hair style of the guy on the left. It gets a bit too washed out.
    Please Sir, I'd like some more.



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    Thanks rseward. You're right, I definitely need to do something about the white space in the background. I might emphasize the contours around the figures a bit more, but I'm concerned about them becoming a bit too flat... although I suppose a certain amount of loss of depth is inevitable when working in pure B&W

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    Hey NB,

    Good start so far. I agree with the arm anatomy. Well drawn hands and heads are REALLY, REALLY important in illustration. They are natural focal points so they must be drawn well.

    I suggest get good ref pics or shoot your own ref images. Those poses and hands are pretty easy to recreate and shoot. Having the right ref will improve your accuracy and quality of the drawing.

    Hope that helps,

    The Game Players - W.I.P
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