Hello Everyone!

I'm doing a project and I'm also curious of this subject.
I just need a few questions answered and you reasoning for your answers.

Do you think its a contradiction to have men treat women in a traditional manner, while women don't have to be traditional anymore?

For Men: Do you prefer traditional women over modern women?
How do you treat women at work?
How do you feel about women in the workplace? Do you like it? Do you respect them or do you just see them as something to look at?
How does a woman working affection your relationship?

For Women: Do you like the idea of a being a traditional woman(housewife) or are you complacent with being in the workforce and having equal rights as men.
Do you think your truly equal?
How does work influence your role as a woman and as a wife?
If men "traditionally" were suppose to pay bills and act as a supporter how does that influence your relationship now?

It would be great to get some responses from everyone!