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    Mecha painting (thumbs help please)

    I've been reading a lot of threads on this site, and though I've painted a lot before I tend to stick to human characters without branching out a lot. I've been doing life drawing for... I think about three years now? just a bit of background.

    This is my first time thumbnailing a painting before going into it (I'm guilty of jumping into stuff with no prior planning) so I'm very open to pointers! I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing ahahah
    anyway here are the first three thumbnails. If you want references of the mecha I'm trying to paint, here are some pics. The pink areas are meant to be where the light from the eye would fall, but I could do with some advice there as I think those are pretty off hahaha
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    You could actually make do with less detail on the thumbnails. Since the mecha is essentially human in shape, I'd focus on getting a convincing gesture first. You can draw the mecha over the figure later in the same way you would armor. Try drawing out the whole figure as well. You can crop it later.

    Is he going to be part of a scene, or surrounded by negative space?

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    The point of thumbnails is to experiment compositions and values form a distance without paying attention to details. Stick to b&w in the thumbnails (At least it helps a lot for me to see the values). Do more, not just three and paint the backgrounds also.

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    Thanks for your input Grunler! Yeah i was just planning in having the mech in a simple space environment.
    Does anyone have any useful links for gesture drawing? I tend to get bogged down in detail easily and i forget about motion lines and stuff ;;

    And i was planning on doing more than three (hence te extra spaces) but i thought i'd post first to make sure I wasn't doing it TOTALLY wrong haha!
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