After years of lurking around on these forums and not doing any digital painting, I figured I should start a sketchbook to kick start my painting habits. So, I hope to do at least one digital painting a day (even if it takes just an hour, like this first one), and build on my skills in the medium. I appreciate all tips and all criticism, no matter how harsh or negative. If you can make any sort of comment to help me learn and build, I much prefer that over "I like it". Unfortunately, I hear too much of that at school critiques. Surely, if you do like it, there's a reason. Type that up too

I'm a second year art student at The University of Texas, and I find digital painting to be significantly more difficult than traditional mediums. I don't know why, but I feel like I have more control over my marks in a traditional environment, however, I want to learn to paint digitally, as I find the fields it's marketable in to be more interesting than most traditional fields (we can argue about the studio world later).