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    ''Studying art is BS!'', and how you cope with the phrase

    Having now spent my first year at an art school in Toronto, i've come across....way too many people saying that or something similar. Being the big city, everyone is trying to make it big. And by big, I mean land 100k jobs and whatnot....and having casual conversations with these people is just so impossible. It always boils down to the question at some point or another, ''what do you study?''
    When I answer, ''concept art for entertainment'', they either know what it is and give me odd looks or they have NO idea what it is and make me elaborate that it's basically art. And you all know how it goes after that.

    I really don't care, to be honest(as i'm so damn used to it now), but I was curious at to what all of you peoples' experience with this issue is, and how you personally cope with it.

    Also, on a sidenote; I know a couple of dudes from a pretty big fraternity, and once I got to know everyone in that place I also had to elaborate on my studies, to which they had diverse reactions. None of them positive of course. Ironically though they asked me if I could design their halloween party flyer and later on their St. Patrick's day flyer.....they LOVED me for it and hold me in high regard now. The drawings weren't even very good, really

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    Just wait till you try talking to other people "studying" art
    And I use the term studying very very very very loosely here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demo View Post
    Just wait till you try talking to other people "studying" art
    And I use the term studying very very very very loosely here
    just wait till you meet "artists" (yes, those people that grow up from people "studying" art)

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    Why on earth do you have to cope with the phrase?

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    These people you describe find comfort and security in money and material goods and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but they also aren't inherently creative, and they don't understand how much art actually influences their daily lives and decisions. There is no other way to convince them than to actually show them, even then it's doubtful that someone with that mode of thinking would understand.

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    What Bill said. Eventually you realize it isn't worth the time and effort and you'll pick something non-descript as an occupation like "plumber". Even then people will say they're aunt/mom/best friend's little brother is a plumber too and ask if you know them.
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    The (notoriously eccentric and irreverent) composer Erik Satie once solved this problem when, at a party of all manner of grand and important guests, he answered questions about what he did for a living by claiming that he was a gymnopedist. It had the desired effect: no one had any clue what that was, but no one wanted to admit ignorance. Thus he made a good impression all round. :-)
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    I actually can appreciate what you mean-- there's definitely an attitude among some people in Toronto that if you're not aiming to be rich, you're not doing anything worth doing.
    Having said that, if you want to be taken seriously, be confident about who you are and what you want to do. People can only make you feel small if you let them.
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    I had a friend that used to make me feel bad for studying art. He was pre-med and always gave me a hard time about it. Every time I accomplished any academic milestone he would shout "whatever, it's ART! You're not going to have a job."

    Fast-forward 4 years, and he's pretty much ruined his chances of going to dental school and still works at the video store. He bitterly says "wish I could just stay at home and draw all day instead of work. Must be fun." To which I reply "It sure is."

    Forget those people. Do what you want but put your heart into it.

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    Tell them it’s BA NOT BS.

    Most people tend to lose sight of the fact that college is basically a piece of paper. If you're not self-motivated maybe it is more than that. However, anyone with drive and initiative can learn just about anything on their own. It doesn't matter where you read a book all that matters is you read it.

    To be honest a lot of other majors don't end up getting much out of their degrees either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanya View Post
    I actually can appreciate what you mean-- there's definitely an attitude among some people in Toronto that if you're not aiming to be rich, you're not doing anything worth doing.
    believe me it's not a Toronto only thing. there's that ongoing sausagefest among, let me generalize for a second, a whole bunch of pressed males, optionally having either MBA, miserable marriage or a whole bunch of issues rooting in their childhood (abusive dad much?)
    having spent most of last year in SEA and seeing levels of dickiness that western expats (and rejects) show there, I can only shake my vivienne westwood bag disapprovingly and soundlessly wipe in my burberry handkerchief when no one can see it. lvl 4 irony alert

    and wait until those people are you clients and you're billing them. now your final numbers are obv wrong and you're a greedy bitch and they should probably hire a Chinese freelancer for 1/5 of your price. no they aren't going to, but you're still a greedy bitch.

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    I'd say about 90% of the people I talk to are themselves artists so I really haven't experienced any of that.

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    Just create a high-class product and use your art to market it to high-class people. They'll all be forking over money to eat out of your hand.
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