I'm working on my creature and character concept art skills. My target "audience", those who look at my portfolio, works in TV and film. My goal is to create a "leech man" concept that can be realized as a makeup effect, which means that I'm constrained to fitting on an actor. In this case, I'm opting to use the actor's eyes (with contacts) and mouth (with dentures).

I'm pleased with this piece so far, which probably isn't a good sign. I still need to develop the eyes, maybe add some markings. I'm not sure if I'm keeping the shirt. The edges are a bit crisp.

Y'all are usually good for a thorough creative beatdown, so I'm posting this WIP to get some fresh perspectives. Is the 'glistening' effective? I think I could be more adventurous with the coloring...any thoughts? Lighting ideas?

I look forward to having my feelings hurt. Thanks!