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    Exclamation When am I skilled enough to go to an art school?

    Link to my da which holds my art that, picking the best out of it, I have had planned on using in my portfolio:

    A little back story: I have procrastinated till now on getting application done for various art schools. My procrastination was due to something going on in my life at the time. I finally have gotten back into swing and completed the applications for the schools- I am now at the portfolio phase.

    I feel like my art is so insignificant to others applying to the schools. I feel like there's no point in me sending in anything more (money/essays/art.) for these various reasons (some rational, some not) swirling around in my head:

    1) The requirements say "only show your best art" but I feel like all of mine is shit for the way they describe what they want in a portfolio.
    2) Why do they seem so crazy in wanting some super-beautiful-correct-in-everyway art pieces in the portfolio if it's an institution to LEARN to be a better artist?

    I really have no direction of where to go next:

    Should I just keep working on my art in my own time at the pace I am now?
    Should I just swallow my pride and submit what I have?
    Should I drop anything to do with art college wise, and just take a major in business like my dad wants?
    Should I just try to find a job and forget about college for awhile?

    I really wanted to go to a college for these reasons:
    - To get out of the house and live alone (dorm/apartment)
    - To be at a place with other people with the same interests I have
    - To have teachers/professors to give me that little extra kick in my butt to get things done

    Even since I graduated community college I find that I just don't do as much stuff as I used to....

    Anyway, any input I would love, thank you all who read this far. You have no idea what it means to me that people care about me that much.

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    You go to art school to get skilled at art. Nobody goes to art school because they're already good at it.

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    you need artschooling to break out of shitty cliche furry bubble that your DA account only represents
    (unless you're going to paint anthroporn with oils, acrylics and gouache through all 4 years, but even that is a step up)

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    I really don't think you should be letting people online decide for you what track you want to take in your life...
    "2) Why do they seem so crazy in wanting some super-beautiful-correct-in-everyway art pieces in the portfolio if it's an institution to LEARN to be a better artist?"
    There are crappy art schools that will pretty much accept any portfolio, but I am assuming you want to end up in a good school. The reason, I'm assuming, why they want to see a portfolio is because they want to know how much effort you're willing to put out, and how much time you've spent drawing. You also need to reach a certain skill-level to get in, because art takes time to learn...

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    I think you should spend a couple years at a community college or if you get a free pass, a public university (either is pretty much the same depending on the institution).

    I think you need more technical ability to compete with some of the students applying, because you're a little bit on the low end right now. You need to draw from life, and focus on drawing from life more than anything else right now. You need to gain technical ability. And don't just draw draw draw only, educate yourself with recommended books and other resources of education.

    Looking for professional work (both freelance and full time opportunities)!


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