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Thread: Just some of what I've done...

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    Just some of what I've done...

    It's been a while since I've been here--I've got commitment issues--but, I decided that if I want to get better, I need to push and push, especially since my work isn't stellar, but it's steadily improving. Here are a few arbitrary things I've done over the time...

    Beautifying Our Environment
    My boss tasked my supervisor and us other two designers with designing a shirt print for his son's school fair, centring around "Beautifying Our Environment". It had to include the accompanying text and the colours were limited to three/four max for screen printing. This is basically my effort.

    Personal Training Unlimited
    My dad's business, and the logo he asked me to design for it. This isn't the original, but rather a revised version. The original was the first "real" logo I designed, and being my first logo it really fell flat in a lot of ways so I took in upon myself to redo it and even though it's still not A+ in my eyes, it's definitely a step up. He wanted the image of a school/university crest and the initials featured prominently on the crest, with the slogan as well.

    Who Would You Fight?
    This was the result of a bored afternoon at work. I got a picture of Brad Pitt from Fight Club and the rest is history. The background image on the first one has names superimposed into a bar of soap, but the names aren't really meant to be distinguishable, you're just supposed to know they're the names of people I would fight. With the second one, I flipped it around and clipped the names into the Durden silhouette.

    Please, be as critical as possible, I want to grow and I'll try not to cry, ha. Thanks.

    As a side note, I use CorelDRAW X5 as standard. I've been told things like, "It's a dead program" and, "You should use Illustrator", but as much as I WOULD like to learn and use Illustrator, I believe it comes down to the skill and creativity of the designer, not the software. As said, I would like to learn Illustrator/the entire Adobe Creative Suite and maybe use the two in tandem, but I got Corel on my laptop for free since we use it at work and I can't afford to buy Illustrator/the suite myself.

    EDIT: The monstrosities have been resized for everyone's viewing comfort.
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    liking some of your stuff so far mate, just a couple of things.

    For your second logo, I'm assuming it's a logo? It's really quite busy, your first logo is a good example of retaining complexity without going too far, I think there are just too many elements in the second for it to be effective. Try and pick one idea and go with it. Countries, kids, birds, trees, dolphins, it's too much. Also, your typography needs some heavy work, the red doesn't quite work and the font beautifying isn't exactly readable.

    there's a good relationship between the type and image in your third things though, I think you're developing a good eye for it.
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    Thanks for the appreciation. It means a lot. Just as many thanks for the critique

    About the second design; you could call it a logo, per se. It was meant to be full chest print on shirts. I tried to embody land, sea and air with it in cooperation with the "reduce, reuse, recycle" mantra with the arrows. Also, it was originally meant to just be fish, birds and a tree, but apparently "It had to have/relate to children," haha. Not making excuses, just letting you know what was in my head.

    In terms of the type, I wanted the "Beautifying" to be literally based on that (Beautiful) and I wanted it to stand out from the rest in the colour and form that again, said beautiful, hence, red and script. What would you recommend for type and colour?

    Thanks for the props on the third, I guess the choice was pretty obvious though, haha. Thanks to for the "Fight This" font.
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