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    The image is one Created a while ago. A Photo manipulation it is. I do understand that this is quite different from most of the work I see on here, but I'm sure there is more then enough wrong with it. I was really happy with the image when it was Finnished, and still am. But will try to do some study's on the pointers I get, and remember the lessons.

    Just found out about this amazing site a few days ago, and thanks to CA, I want to get a ordered learning process by starting with basics. Already started my studying the books of Loomis. Trying to learn digital painting, but first, of course basics (I have been kind of ''messing around'' or non-structured experimenting without a goal until now). And started a sketchbook as well.

    Thanks for your time !
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    Looks ok. Reminds me a little about logo work. What's the purpose behind the piece?

    There are two things that bother me, the first one being the mouth... I can't tell if those things beneath its eyes are supposed to be lips or cheek-fuzz. The lines that run from the back of the nose seem to almost form teeth poking out of its 'mouth', but there really is no telling because the rest of the head suggests that the mouth should be beneath its 'jaws', and out of sight for the viewer.

    The second issue is the 'tipping' of the head. Cover everything beneath its eyes, and it'll look like the nose should be higher.

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    The bridge of the nose easily reads as background or white space. Add.. something, a structure, a pattern, a colour.. to it. Or make it thinner.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.
    @ Eldinga, the purpose? The image was kind of a play around. Exploring a style. But I have done a little work in graphic design. I did however do a short study on graphic design, for the fun of it and help a friend (who is a graphic designer) out here and there. So I guess that might be where it looking like a logo is coming from.

    I see the point you make about it being hard to see If the lowest form being a jaw or mouth. About the nose needing to be higher, I believe you are right. I think it is because of the eyes. Those seem to be staring forward. thanks for the help.

    @ Kiera, Haha, yes I totally see why you say that. How could i have missed that. Thank you!
    Please, excuse me for the possible errors in my English.


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