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Sushy - Your work is looking quite solid so far. Your thing under bed has a positive aspect which goes well with all colorful things, such as teddy bear and hello kitty toys under the bed. In order to improve your painting, my suggestions are: 1) add more shadow under the thing on the floor because the purple spot under her feet is distracting so if you spread it out, it would be less distracting and more balanced. 2) her curled tail looks a little bit murked together so if you add shadows underneath her tail so the spiral circle part of her tail would look balanced and clean instead of being mashed together. Keep it up!

Noamos - Go for it. It'll be a good practice for you to finish it and keep your drawing, developing, and painting routines steady.

mcreation - Welcome. Your WIP idea is looking nicely. Keep it up.

TheLuvableNerd - Love your outlines and concept art of Garf. Very clean and crisp as well as innovative. Can't wait to see the rendering part of it.

Rist - I gotta admit that smelly sock as the thing under bed would be the last thing I ever think of, which is very clever and effective as the thing. I like the blurred effect in the background as well as the detailed texture of scales on the sock and rug on the floor. My two cents are to remove gray as shadow from your sock and add more color to make the sock look quite sharper (because gray as shadow doesn't compliment very well in contrast with the rug so perhaps darker red or purple to make it stand out).


Here are just some WIPs of the thing under the bed. I wanted to do something different instead of making it scary-looking like many others had done. The thing under the bed is more of like a guardian willing to defend the underneath ecosystem of the bed from crawling out and terrorize the sleeper. The thing is composed of many broken toys that had been left discarded and to be buried under dust under the bed but that didn't stop the thing from collecting broken parts and put them together, striving for the only one goal: to protect the sleeper that once loved them from the brutal world of nightmares lurking under the bed.

Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately my hard drive is broke and the file was deleted lol

I was think of a desaturated shadow as its a nighttime theme and thought to try and keep things muted to make it feel cold and dreary.

Really like the st.georges bear jack in the box! Maybe give the character more life as it looks too much like a toy right now. But I really like the colours and the comicalness of it