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    Need help to improve :)

    Hello my name is Johan, I am 14 years old and really nervous posting here. But I really need critic on my works. Hopefully I'll might one day be as good as some of the master artists on these forums Critic more than welcome

    Need help to improve :) a drawing i did today

    Ps. Sorry for bad grammar/english.

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    That's a pretty decent start for your age! However, I would recommend that you don't use digital media yet for now. You need to work on the very basics and train your "drawing muscles", which is really best done with traditional media. So buy yourself a couple of cheap sketchbooks, lots of graphite pencils and draw everything around you, as often as you can .

    As for your orc head, it's a bit misaligned and there are issues with the forms and shading, but you've got a long way ahead of you still and I don't think you will benefit very much from trying to make a good drawing out of this.

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    you got the idea with dark and light spots - that's nice!
    practice makes perfect!
    Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. EP

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    I'm your age, and I draw only from real life if I have a choice, which most of the time I do because life is all around you all the time. (you can tell from my sketchbook I still go online for a lot of pictures though)
    I would try to draw anime and cartoons when I was 12-13, but I realized that that wasn't the way to go because if you only draw like that it will take a lot longer time to advance.

    I can tell by your line work that you aren't confident in drawing one circle right away? You've made a lot of separate lines instead, which will only make you take longer, practicing the basics (Circles, ovals, etc...) still help a ton!

    Just my 2 cents

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    You have a good start there. Try to clean up your linework a bit and use less lines to convery more. That's a pretty tough skill; I haven't grasped it yet, but it will come in time, especially if you have a good knowledge of anatomy and facial features so you can get it in your muscle memory. It also helps to have a good reference of a face so you can see the lighting. Also try to ramp up the contrast in the shading so the figure pops more.

    Like Lhune said, try to spend more time with a pencil and paper to drill in fundamentals before you tackle digital. However, tablets can also be convenient when picking colors, and I admit I started digital art pretty early so I'm on both sides with that. I do spend a lot of time drawing on my tablet, but I also spend time doing sketches with graphite for things that are less "for leisure" drawing and more figure drawing and realism.

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