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  • Mitze

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  • albino-Z

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  • devilminer

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  • silicone

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  • sherri rose

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  • Rhdnor

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  • Abrazuno

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  • Whiskey Sour

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  • Kahel

    8 6.84%
  • MartinC

    22 18.80%
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Thread: ChoW#286 :: FINALS :: Aoife & Her Mechanical Guardian

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    Few minutes grace whilst I set up the new chow

    annnnd...closed. Congrats everyone! Some very unique takes on this weeks challenge. Just what we like to see
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    good luck everyone some reallly nice entries i intended to post but got confused on converting central time to gmt
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    Okay, I've made a big mistake. I accidentally voted for Ortheza, where I meant to vote for Rhdnor. Ortheza's is fantastic, but the girl is too grown up and misses the mark on the instruction. Not sure if the moderator can change my vote but maybe next time I'll be more careful. (We should be allowed at least one edit for voting).

    MY VOTES!! I felt Rhdnor won this round because he kept both the girl and the robot fitting right into its era, and the look and feel of the work is great. Everything from the blueprint to the final presentation, even the frame and font all fit well within its topic. One critique would be to pay more attention to your subjects' surroundings before beginning the painting (something I learned in this contest myself). It looks like the robot is sitting or floating on water. Another critique would be to pay more attention to composition before going in and painting the thing. Do all of these things in your initial sketching stages and you're golden. Nice work.

    My second vote goes to Abrazuno. Firstly, this is a brave attempt because both the girl and the bot are way different from any of our ideas. That's genius. I'm not liking the blindfold on Aoife, but the bot is very well presented---it looks at us like a protective mother deer/moose/whatever guarding its babies. That's a tough thing to do simply because it's looking right at the viewer ,something I and almost everyone here, didn't want to do---basically because nobody likes to draw a robot looking right at the camera. I mean when we're given a chance to draw a cool guardian mech we want to show it off and have him look away so we can see more of the cool face, but Abrazuno did well and made us almost personally feel the bot's anger. Excellent job there. The girl also matches well with the bot and the rest of the idea---not a fan of the simple blindfold though (check out the Oracle and her sisters by the pool side scene in the movie Immortals instead). Also the orb in front of her seems out of place, but perhaps a story that goes with the painting would have helped in that regard. The composition is nice but suffers from being too close to the subjects---it seems the trees and its environment would have helped the softness of the subjects a bit more. Great job, Abrazuno, you get it.

    Others that were strong but missed in some regard or another were:
    MartinC: you have great color and composition skills! The girl and bot were a bit cliche, I felt like I had seen them before in cartoons or anime movies.

    Albino-Z: excellent rendering skills!! I also checked out your other works and I gotta say you have a great future ahead of you! Some critiques would be that the robot is too "safe"... very cliche and reminds me too much of Appleseed or some other anime bot. I've noticed, however, that in life, and in these contests, a "safe" character helps people to relate better with the characters, and therefore you gain high praise because of the familiar faces we have grown to love in our lives. In a portfolio, make sure you do way off topic characters, but keep these more "safe" ones in there to show the interviewer that you're not all crackpot. Not liking the blindfold on Aoife, though. Keep going, dude.

    Mitze: Awesome job! I think you need to pay close attention to how color is bounced off a surface, especially on metal. Look all around you and you'll see that the stylus you are holding not only has the bland grey color, but some blue hues from your window, some black from your table, and some yellow from your computer monitor (just an example). Great job and I see you getting better pretty quickly!

    Kahel: Freakin' awesome robot, dude!!

    Me and the rest: Devilminer, you stink, dude! Your colors are all over the place, there's too much black, I can't even see the bot, and the girl is freaky, dude. And the rest, just keep churning and you'll receive high praise. I became very inspired by Grumbleputty and his relentless and persistent attitude! Man, you rock! I guarantee you that your brain learned lots of new things that you'll have less trouble doing in the future---something many artists tend to give up when they reach a point of dislike. Wow I wrote a lot. Thanks again, guys, wish everyone the best.
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    OK some quick first impressions

    You've got one of the better compositions this round, great use of curves to lead around the eye. You're also managed to get Aoife to look sufficiently young! Unfortunately the robot guardian is very two dimensional and unresolved, particularly in the head and shoulders - the head in particular looks totally flat.

    M.D. Stranger
    You'd benefit from working longer on construction and doing more preparatory sketches. Also remember that there's no shame in using photo references for anatomy or anything else. Aoife's torso is much too long, for example. I'm not a master anatomist but here's a quick paintover to show what I mean
    ChoW#286 :: FINALS :: Aoife & Her Mechanical Guardian

    Same as above. Aleofe seems squished horizontally in your final submission too. Your silhouettes were really strong though!

    Composition is pretty good, and good job tying the two together with the red accents. Push your values, though.

    Good rendering! I like the clouds in particular.

    Good job. The flower is a nice touche.

    Nice painting, but you didn't really follow the brief and did your own thing.

    I really, really like this. The design is great (it reminds me of high fashion or maybe elaborate carneval costume), and your style of linework suits it perfectly.

    good mood and composition

    Sherri rose
    It's good that you're varying your line widths, but remember that the lines should be thinner closer to the light source and thicker away from it. Also same as with MD stranger

    Great designs but I wish your final painting showed off aoife more

    colorful! but very flat tonally

    John n
    Supercute design and great inking.

    Nice, well thought out design. I wish you'd stuck with the red jacket.

    would be a lot better without all the photoshop textures added in. They really flatten everything out.

    well rendered and I like the design for the guardian!

    needs a consistent light source

    Pretty good! You need to work on your feet, though

    whiskey sour
    the comp seems to be drawing me to robot's belly button instead of aoife

    use thinner lines for background objects and thinner lines for foreground objects. You have it reversed right now and as a result the robot seems to be in the FG despite you layering the char. in front.

    good comp and rendering. very blizzard-esque design wise.

    try using a bigger brush when you paint. Also your color scheme is very dis-harmonious.

    Good metallic feel, but the red lights read as "evil" rather than neutral

    good color choice, but the profile view flattens it out

    Great design! The lightning looks cheesy though.
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    I took the liberty to crit everything on the piece, I hope the huge image is excused.
    I hope that I help you, even though I m not better than most people in here.
    ChoW#286 :: FINALS :: Aoife & Her Mechanical Guardian
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    Thanks guys for the critiques. I need to practice to understand shadows and light. It is something I really struggle with. I did a quick paint-over.
    ChoW#286 :: FINALS :: Aoife & Her Mechanical Guardian

    I don't have much to give back in terms of critiques but I really like Mitze entry.
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    My vote went to Albino because... Well because it fucking rules!!!
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    voted for mitze, devilminer, martinC and kahel,
    i try always to vote for originality, and idea, despite spectularity, and awesomess of rendering, just because, rendering lighting and stuff we can learn, and thats why most of us are here, to train and get better in that design after design, as we resolve "problems", but idea and originality is something that should be voted, because, that in the end, will make any concept stand out, regardless of illustration skills.
    And thats the only reason i didnt vote for albino-z, like so many who voted i thing the rendering is amazing, but, the idea is too generic, and "safe" seen it couple of times, and that why i see it as, "wooo i d love to ilustrate like that...but wheeee he could have pulled with the rendering sklls he have, the idea much, much further, and challenged himself"
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    omg forgot grunler, althought its unfinished, i really like the idea and linework, so altough it isnt in the vote list, you got my vote
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    This was an epic round, i´m a little frustrated that a lot of great concepts didn´t make it to the poll, for example and typing fast... ded, pixeltuner, pixelslayer, dranyer, geb, peperjester, johandevenecia, continue, daniorrr, bnoch, etc, etc...
    I mostly vote (in general) based on if i feel motivated to see the character in a movie (film or animated, realistic or toon) or in a short film, or in a book cover. If the character looks like it has an existence beyond us.
    In that, and imo, i think characters by Johan de Venecia, Daniorrr and specially by Jon n are the ones i´d like to see, they seem to exist somewhre, and have a going relationship and a background history.
    I enjoyed the Devilminer concept a lot too, maybe a little extreme and almost crossing the line of not following the brief.
    I felt inspired by Grumbleputty progress too.
    Last edited by elephant´s stroke; May 8th, 2012 at 08:34 PM.
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    i have no finished mine, but ill put it here for you all to see and give your opinion f you can...
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    Congrats to albino-Z , as well as all the other great artists who participated in this challenge. It was a privilege working alongside you, and thanks again for all the help and encouragement!
    Your only competition is your last painting

    My DeviantArt gallery
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