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    Is the SAT score really going to matter?

    Hello, creative individuals on

    I am planing to study in the United State. I found that some of the collages requires the score of SAT, such as Art Center. Some of the them don't require it, but they said it is still nice if you take the test and send the score to them. For example SCAD.

    I found collages work really differently in the US compared to what it is in Taiwan. And I really know little about it. Is the SAT score really going to matter a lot? Or is it mostly about your portfolio?

    By the way I'm looking for more informations about education, can anyone suggest some good forums or sites?
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    You are applying to university. Like any other institution, your SAT *and* your grades will weigh in your acceptance. Even though its art school, the people at the top want to see that you are able to stay focused in your studies and that you have a good head on your shoulders. Portfolio is important, but grades and SAT definitely play a role.

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    It depends on the school, but generally speaking art schools aren't very concerned about them. Some just don't care. Some will favor someone with a good score, but not hold a bad score against you. For some, it'll affect scholarship, but not admissions. Some will consider it for admissions, but not as much as grades or portfolio.

    Generally speaking, I'd say take the test, be sure to get a good nights sleep before taking it, but don't spend the time to take prep classes or the like.

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    I somewhat agree with Meloncov....BUT

    Meloncov is correct in that stand alone art schools place differing emphasis on the SAT,. Some value it a lot such as MICA and RISD .Moreover, there are a lot of unversities with strong art and design programs that significantLY weigh the SAT such as University of Cincinnati, UCLA, Wash Univ St. Louis, Temple etc. Some Stand alone art schools care little about it but place a lot of emphasis on the portfolio. However, even these schools usually provide more scholarships to those with good SATs.

    I would study for it and would take a prep course. Doing well will certainly widen your options and potentially provide you with more scholarship money.

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    If you are looking at some place like SCAD, while you do not need your SATs for scholarships (they give out portfolio ones separately) I see no harm in taking the SAT. In fact, their general academic scholarship considers it.

    Considering taking it could be a chance at free money I would. You have nothing to lose and it could help you. But for getting accepted? Definitely not as much as your GPA. Depends on the school. And if the score is not what you want you don't have to send it.

    And I would take a practice test or two before you take the SAT. Many students in the US take the PSAT sophomore and junior year which is a very similar format to the SAT so they have a little experience under their belt. And the College Board gives each SAT registrant a free practice test online and there are a billion practice problems too. I would take the practice test, see what you need to work on, and practice those problems regularly. And get a good night's sleep beforehand like suggested because I did not one out of three times I took it and that was my lowest score.

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