Hi folks,

as I was whining about in another thread, I'm currently faced with a bit of a dilemma concerning art schools. Now, I don't want to repeat that pathetic rant, but here's an issue that's linked with my problem:

The programe that I got accepted into is Character Animation - it focuses very strongly on animation itself. It teaches design, layout and such as well, but mostly it turns out animators who can make characters come alive and such. There's no rigging, modelling or texturing, for example, that's all in the other study program.

I know that with working your ass off you can achieve a whole lot, and I don't plan to slack. But if I leave school knowing how to animate but not how to do that other stuff, will I even stand a chance finding a job? Or should I rather try for another program? (That'd cost me another year at least because they want a year's work experience beforehand.) Is it possible to teach yourself how to righ/model/whatev?

In hindsight I wish I'd paid more attention to the well-roundedness of the school but right now it's the only option I have and I'm wondering if it'd be wrong for me to leave it be.