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    Steeliebob's Sketchbook!

    ladys and gentleman. My name is Sander I am new to this site, actually this is my very first post here. A s
    sketchbook. Been doing digital work for quite a few years, but more graphical effects then anything else, often using random 3d shapes as a base.

    But lost my spark a few years ago. However the urge to create is coming back, although in a slightly different way then before, I want to learn to draw and paint. without much of a background in this kind of thing. I know very little about basic principles and the likes, so I have a long long way to go before i can match up to a lot of the peops on here.

    The reason I made a sketchbook on here is simple, I have been sketching a good bit the latest day's and I do not want to get lousy. The work here is very inspirational, the sketchbooks of some of you guy's here are just amazing, and posting random pages of sketch work on here will give me good reason to come back here a lot and get pumped up with the inspiration to work hard again.

    If you want to see what i have done before you can visit my deviantart gallery at

    So here are my first sketchworks. All of these are digital, because i want to get more used to working with my tablet on the road to become a better illustrator, painter and whatever more I want to learn in the future.
    I hope to do more study-like work in the future because that might just be the way to improve my basics.

    Thanks for your time to take a look, and I hope to update here very frequently.

    Edit: a Image to have something nice as preview image. =P a photo manipulation i did some time ago.

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