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Thread: scary meow

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    scary meow

    this is a sketch i did, and im now doing the linework. but before i post, allow me to whine a little. if you think i suck, and you don't want to comment, know that i wont stop posting, even though i suck. so, if you do choose to comment, theres a chance i will improve, and you will see less sucky stuff from me. *end whine

    scary meow
    You gotta know what you is doin so you don't get a bad lergy on your knob.

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    even though this is a fictional character I can see a few problems anatomy wise his right leg (our left) looks detached from his body the other leg looks decent but I cant tell for sure because I have a background to refrence for perspective and the way the head and arms connect to the torso looks off I dont know it might just be the design of the creature. interesting look. keep posting man!
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    What is it supposed to be doing, exactly? Is it leaping, crawling down something, or is this an overhead view? From the way the tail and wiskers hang down I assume it's crawling, but without any background it's not clear enough.

    The face doesn't read as "scary" at all to me. With the small, wide set eyes, long nose, and no mouth he looks kind of mellow.

    Is the thing at the end of his tail a tuft of fur, or some kind of paddle/spade/suction cup thingie? Again, I think I know, but there are some strange things going on with the drawing that keep it from being absolutely clear.

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