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    up&downstream of compositions

    (sorry for my bad english skills if im not able to express myself propperly)
    ive read something on composition in an old post in the mentoring forum
    and i wanted to add something.
    it was about the rule that in western civilisations pictures are "read" from the left to the right like a letter. (if the attention is nt drawn to a certain point at the beginning. (like the word LOVE in caps))
    if "lines" in compsitions arent horizontal this can lead to an up or downstream of the eye which provokes certaint feelings.
    a composition leading downwards right side of the image is mostly felt as negativ in general (feelings like giving up, but also feelings like relief)
    and upstream is provoking positiv feelings like (accomplishing something, but also agression.
    or even better, if thought of as ying and yang the downstream would be white while the upstream would be the black part.
    (simplified, think of the stock marked)
    even if there are no characters in the first pair the mountain leading the eye downwards to the right lets you feel like its your way to go.
    while the one leading upwards makes you feel like you had a hell of a hike in front of you.

    Attachment 1471135

    if you are drawn to read the image the other way around like on the second plane (should be a plane ) landing, the upstream doesnt quite apply.

    (whats your feelings about these two? for me the first one makes me feel the yin (white), side, lets say, but like i was happy coming back. while the second one also beeing yin makes me feel like i wanted to stay)

    probably because it seems paradox to our way of reading images.

    Attachment 1471136

    this image shows some guys with lightsabres. (haha, yea i know, but i only got gimp+a notebook with no mouse)
    since i dunno if and why im right.
    tell me wich ones of these two pairs would be the jedi's
    (should also apply if they arent shown in pairs)
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