Can you take a look at my illustration projects from this semester?

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    Can you take a look at my illustration projects from this semester?

    How do you do?

    I had an illustration class this semester and I made illustrations in it. I'd like some outside input on whether or not any of them are portfolio-worthy, what I should fix, all of those delightful things. I haven't really gotten that much feedback from outside the class.

    The focus on the class was on editorial and book styled illustrations as opposed to concept art.

    There were multiple projects, and on top of other projects, I had about a week to complete each, so...regrettably these aren't all that time intensive.

    Project 1:
    We had to reinterpret a popular cartoon character. So here's Hipster Lisa. I tried to do Emo Milhouse, too, but I fell asleep at my computer while working on him, and time constraints after that kept me away. I'm not really sure if he's worth revisiting.

    Project 2:
    We had to illustrate a fear and a resolution to that fear. Mine was Papaphobia- the fear of popes.

    Project 3:
    We had to illustrate Greek monsters, and reinterpret them in a different way. Because I'm creative, my reinterpretation was, "What if they were all adorable middle school students?" Characters have to have a white/non-existent background so that they could be floated next to text.

    Project 4:
    An op-ed illustration about people who pay for their crimes years or even decades after they've committed them. Black and white.

    Project 5:
    We had to illustrate an idiom in two different ways. Can you guess what my idiomatic phrase was?

    Project 6:
    We had to create a collage. Mine was created from the madlib, "Erotically. Defacing. Dragon." So it's an erotically defacing dragon. I'm actually not sure how to present this one since it was a free-floating figure when I created it, and not attached to a random, white background. In order to get it to look right, I think I need to install it and take a decent photograph...however, I don't have any decent camera equipment at all at the moment. :T

    Project 7:
    We had to illustrate a celebrity alongside a hypothetical pet. So it's Conan (Coco) O'Brien and a giraffe, because they're both really tall and orange.

    Thank you for having a look. Here's hoping that posting this thread won't give me a stress-induced ulcer.

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