KickStarter backing for Inner Dream game

Hello friends!

Interesting game backing just started on KickStarter - 'Inner Dream' from Sometimes You.

KickStarter already helped become a reality some games from major developers:
- 'Double Fine Adventure' (working title) from Double Fine Productions
- Wasteland 2 from Brian Fargo and InXile Entertainment

Meanwhile for prospective indie-developers KickStarter - this is one of the few ways to find the necessary budget for the game.
For us backing on KickStarter is only way to make our 'Inner Dream' real.
We don't need millions of dollars. Just 11.111$ will be enough to make full version of our game.
All backers will receive a keys for full version and lot of special presents!

‘Inner Dream’ is a modern fairy tale about dreams. What if time frozen when you were sleeping?
How could you wake up if everything around you now looks like a photo?
Find your way in the world of dreams and make clock ticking again to find your way back to reality.

Imagination of the protagonist, who lost in his dreams, will lead the player in the farthest corners
of the mind. Here, the hidden worlds of the subconscious reveals their true colors.
The events of real life, echoes in his dreams, and the silence around like a frozen vacuum of space.

Inner Dream is more artful than usual games. This is a combination of photography, music and mysterious story in one place.

Inside our game you'll find:
- Photo-realistic graphic. All locations in the game are made on the basis of photos.
- Memorable characters, each of which pursues it's goal in this world.
- An interesting plot - everything is not as it seems at first sight.
- Atmospheric soundtrack from 'Keratordash' and 'Taskless Sheep' bands.

We just published first episode of "Inner Dream" for free.
You can try the game right now and dive into the magical world of strange dreams.
After that, we hope you will help us raise the required amount on KickStarter.

Right now we working on PC version of our game, but if we'll find enough funds - we'll try to make versions for other platforms.

'Inner Dream: Night One' at Desura:
'Inner Dream: Night One' at IndieVania:

'Inner Dream: Night One' Trailer:
'Inner Dream: Night One' Press Pack (Art, Logos, Screenshots):

Also whole month we give out 'Desound' album from Keratordash for free!
Keratordash is a music band (experimental IDM) from Evgeniy Kolpakov and Philip Lehner.
'Universal Signal' tune from 'Desound' album is a main theme from 'Inner Dream' OST.

You can download Keratordash album for free here:
Or buy it from iTunes:
(or other music sites - check for information)


Game developers 'Sometimes You' is a creative duet: Evgeniy 'Pinkerator' Kolpakov and Alina 'Chester' Ovchinnikova.
Evgeniy is responsible for programming, and Alina for graphics and design.
Our first game 'Retention' was released in 2011, and collected good reviews in the press.