I am an art student who is about to graduate this May.

Someone I trusted introduced me to a start-up company that offered me my very first freelance contract. I hate to say that I made the typical, dumb rookie mistake. I read and then signed the contract with stars in my eyes instead of waiting longer to review it with someone who knows this stuff far better then I do.

Unfortunately, I realised not very long after that I'm seriously getting hosed in terms of payment. (As in, I could make more money working minimum wage at a retail store, kind of hosed.)

I decided to suck it up, deal with the consequences of my mistake, but the lack of organisation on the part of the company is just giving me more work then I bargained for and less time to do it in which is making the lack of real pay all the more aggravating. I know I should probably just deal with it because its an awful idea to burn bridges at the very literal start of my freelance career, but is there at all a point at which it is okay for me to consider backing off from the whole thing? Or am I sort of screwed and should just take this as a lesson not to be an idiot in the future?