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    High School Portfolio 2.0

    Hey guys, i'm a junior in high school working hard to prepare a portfolio for the Entertainment Design program at Art Center. I know it's an extremely competitive program and i'm still really young but i know i'm really passionate about my work and i want to do it for a living.

    But anyway, on to my work, about half is unrelated from the portfolio project and the rest is designed with the intent of following a narrative i'm working on, so i'll try to keep labels on the related and unrelated work. If you wanna see the specs for the portfolio it's on art center's website (

    The basic narrative for the art center portfolio is a blitzkrieg alien assault, followed by a vicious struggle for resources and concluding with a final desperate counterattack. It takes place in a futuristic society, with plenty of robots and political backstory to go along with it. I want to do a lot of environments, seeing as it's a global invasion and everything is so much different in the future, in addition to a bunch of character and vehicle sketches and model sheets.

    I'm aware that a lot of it is pretty rough/unfinished as I'm really not getting as much time as i would like to just sit down and draw, so keep that in mind.

    ***PLEASE*** be as critical as you can about the designs. Tell me what designs you like, which ones you don't, which compositions are doing well or what i could do to make them better, etc. Rendering will come with time, but the designs are what's really important in my opinion right now, so let me what i can do to make them better!

    cover for the portfolio as of yet. the guy on the left is a survivalist left over from the invasion and the right is a particularly cruel species of aliens.
    Attachment 1468075

    unfinished character sketches for some kind of robot sentry
    Attachment 1468077

    years after the invasion, with those robot sentries acting as guardians for the survivalists residing high above the city floor.
    Attachment 1468078

    didn't really like how this one turned out but i'll add it anyway
    Attachment 1468085

    still gotta bring these guys up to the same detail level, but i'm really feelin the color scheme and designs as of right now
    Attachment 1468086

    laying down the color scheme with some inspirational photos
    Attachment 1468082

    lil bit later in the design process. these are a couple of the alien species by the way, each with a bit of a different specialty region. the left would obviously be woods, middle would be oceans, and the right would be mining/quarries and such as the main resource they're here for on Earth. personalities are generally cunning for the left, savage for the middle, and ruthless for the right.
    Attachment 1468083

    alright, that should do it for now, i'll try and add more later.
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    more stuff comin soon

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