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Thread: cg girl wip

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    Lightbulb cg girl wip

    it s been a long time since i posted here. anyway here is some cg girl i m working on
    all comments and critiques are welcome

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    The roses and leaves are too transparent. Bump up the opacity a bit on them.
    There is also a spot where her braid disappears for no apparent reason (just below her right knee, where the braid is supposed to be going behind her body.)
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    I like the straighforward composition and the storybook feeling of the imagery. The frame is also very nice. I think that the painting lost a lot of it's inital charm in the later versions though. It looks best to me in the first and second picture. It looks somewhat stiff and plastic in the later versions. I'm not a fan of the pink and cutesy clothing either but that is just a personal preference. She looks very much like a Disney princess.

    I think that the background looked much more interesting with the ships and the cliffs to the side. The ship railings is to bright and stiff. It divides the composition and makes the whole picture looking more rigid. The organic looking hill blended in more nicely and did not pull any attention away from the figure.

    Then there is the issue of ligting. She is completely swathed in bright white light from the front. It looks very unatural. I would suggest doing it more like your original sketch. Try a yellow light from the front like she was lit by a lantern from afar. Then you could outline her in the cold light from the moon from behind. Just like you have done in all of the versions.

    You should also look over her proportions. The biggest problems in my opinion is that her arms are to long and her torso is too big in comparison to the lower parts of her body. Especially the lower arm holding the owl (It is very cute by the way) is freakishly long. I know that you wanted to make room for both the owl and the finger on the lips but I'm sorry to say that it does not work.

    While refining the shading on the frame you also lost some of the dept and 3d look. You need to work some darker shading back in to it and think of the larger shape and not get lost in the details.

    That is all I can think of for now. I think that your picture has a lot of potential, good luck.

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