I'm having some very severe difficulty getting Robert Chang's custom brushes to work in Painter Hopefully, somebody can help me.

I'm pretty new to custom brushes, and I've been pointed in the direction of Robert Chang several times. His brushes can be located here:


They are for Painter IX, and as far as I am aware, have never updated past what is on this site. Anyway, I'd like to use them, but I cannot get them to work with my new version of Painter. I have tried many, many times now, and with no success. I see a few tutorials here that supposedly help greatly with brush importing and the like, namely this one:


Unfortunately, it didn't help me at all. Either I'm not understanding the material given, or something else is preventing these files from working for me.

If anybody could give me a step by step tutorial, or some tips on how to get Robert Chang's brushes to work, I'd be thankful.