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    Starting to draw again - really need advice


    I just made an account here, discovered this website some hours ago, looked around and I really like it.

    I have a very specific question. I've been drawing all my life and I always thought I really draw well. If someone said stuff to me like "no man, that there looks kinda weird" I would just get angry and not even consider for a moment that person could be right. Because of that I really stood still on my level for many years and didn't even notice.

    Also, I stopped drawing completely when I was like 14 (I just turned 19), except for some doodles at school and stuff like that. Now that was kinda stupid since my goal always was to get a job in that area, even after I stopped drawing. I mean, if everyone tells you that you draw well and you should become an artist you forget to do the judging yourself.

    However over the last two years, I became really self-critical - I looked over my old drawings I thought were great and thought to myself holy crap, that's complete shit, who would in the world would be interested in that. That was like a week ago and now I really want to seriously pick up drawing again. Whenever I draw something now, my taste tells me "no, doesn't look good" and I get a little frustrated but my mind tells me if I keep at it, I could become really good. I mean, it's like playing piano (I do that aswell). If you tackle a hard piece, you HAVE to practice slowly at first and over time, it will get better.

    My question is - HOW do you really get better at drawing? Where to start? With music I know, practice slowly, pay attention to the detail, maybe play etudes, do music theory. However here, I just don't know where to start, there's just too much that needs improvement. I can't draw humans, I can't draw clothes, I can't draw landscapes, I can't draw perspective, I'm bad at coloring... and so much more.

    I didn't even have art on the computer, so just so you have a example I drew a quick 5 minute sketch (or however you could call that). I'm really uncomfortable with those tablets

    Starting to draw again - really need advice

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    Find some volumes of neutral color (geometrical objects: a box, a sphere, a cylinder, etc) and draw them with a pencil, trying to pay attention to 1 their construction in believable perspective 2 the big division of light and shade 3 reflected light 4 edges hope this helps!
    (Think of it as building the basic vocabulary through which you'll show form)

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    Well you've already answered your own question, if you keep with it, you will get better, it's a simple as that.

    Your taste telling you your old stuff sucks is a good thing, cause your old stuff does suck, everyones old stuff sucks, thats why we work to NOT suck.

    As of where to start, at the beginning, you can't do anything without the basics, if you can't draw humans, draw humans, if you can't draw clothes, draw close, you getting my point?

    judging by this picture, I feel your line work is quite confident, I can tell what the drawing is despite it being simple, personally I like the drawing.

    Practice is king, it's hard work to get where you need to be in this line of work, very hard work, but it's worth it, now decide whether or not you want it enough.

    Good luck

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