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    wow lots of crazy stuff:
    just a few comments on page three thus far:

    devilminer: love the machine design, maybe place your character on it some where???

    marko markovic: nice colours reminds me of transformers, now the hard part wheres your character gonna go??

    Uncomfortable: love your guardian and how your trying to give here this desert sort of look not desert per say but something to link the two
    together, maybe give her fur clothing to and metal padding to link the two together the drapped robe works but adding more elemnts might help??

    SlowDaddie: i've gonna say i love the face its cute (actually struggled to spell that for a min or two LOL) i think the robot face needs more cute_ness
    the missiles dont match that much, i mean it seems hard to link weapons of mass destruction with a pretty little happy girl????

    ded: sweet composition and design your almost finished LOL!! maybe watch the legs antamy of the guardian and the skull in flames, i might make that
    transparent or the skull flowting on its own to reinforce the telekenetics of your character???

    PxelSlayer: the face is great, i can see the guardian in my mind, but will keep posted to see if you do more.

    MasterTroglodyte: nice! BUT your character looks like she is to calm, if your guardian is in an aggro pose i think i would shift your character to the middle
    and change her pose to more combat orientated???

    Abrazuno: sweet guardian!! see with this one, there are vague notions in here. i like it if n when i see more i'll comment again. to clarify what i mean.
    over all i think there is some odd positionings, i would shift thinks around a little not sure how, ignore me. . . LOL

    JanJager: sweet, reminds me of Tarzan, would you make the girls cloths more rugged??

    Khalo: nice .i would change the uncross the girls legs, see seems of balance??

    Aonegamer: interesting, alchemy sketches

    gen5: liking your robots, robots are always cool.

    Pixeltuner: interesting, almost seems like your going for harmony in this one, i like the color comp, really makes you look at the girl, hope to see more.

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    Feeling intense sense of inferiority at general brilliant display of skills by people here.
    Anyway, the red ribbon signifies a connection and also a sense of ownership between the two, plus she's a young girl so she might feel inclined to decorate him with ribbons at some point. Character sheet coming up, now that I've narrowed down on some of the details.

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    devilminer: I love it!

    PxelSlayer/: Stop whining for fucks sake Thats a great looking character

    I'm just gunna show you guys where I got to yesterday, as I plan to completely change it up. It just looks like a bog standard mech which I don't want. I want to do something weird and epic. I was thinking of a giant robotic teddy bear, but what I really want to do is something really emotive with jeopardy and drama and all that other crap... You know like a fantasy version of terminator 2... Wish me luck... I'm gunna need it...

    Be gooooooooood...

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    focusing on Aoife, and the head needed to go. You were about that Adrian it was just awkward posture. Time to hit the road for work but still not happy with hair. Maybe a mask?

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    @Rhdnor , like that concept alot, lol i also have a picture where aoife is sitting on the same shoulder
    everyone else doing awesome

    and damn , the standards are rinsing with each post
    and and, i need C and C for this piece
    my tumblr.

    my sketchbook! <- sketchbook, drop me a critque!

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    Early WIP. Awesome concepts from everyone else! I'm really liking this topic.
    Attachment 1468602
    Last edited by IntoTheVoid; April 26th, 2012 at 02:24 PM. Reason: updated wip
    My Sketchbook - All are welcome

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    new pose...of head....small update....

    AdrianNagorski---yes ...transformers..

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    Thought id start with a model sheet since there's two characters, I dunno if her head looks too big?

    marko - that looks sik, really like the specularity on the paneling front leg, has nice Pop/

    Devilminer - WOW nice, really had to sit an marvel at the detail for a while. This might be a winner, looking forward to seeing what your do for Aiofe.

    Slowdaddy - props for going toony, always like to see some variety .

    Nice work everyone else too, just saw that its 3am so i should probably hit the hay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M!CK View Post
    I dunno if her head looks too big?
    Hi M!CK...first of all, nice design, i like the character. About your question, no sure if the head, but there are some issues with the proportions, mostly the shoulders are to wide for a little girl and the arms are looking a little short.


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    hey M!CK, i like the way you painted the little girl, but one thing that bugs me is the book shes holding, its out of perspective. besides that i think the little girls got a cute face!

    heres mine, sketches..

    CHoW#286 :: Aoife & Her Mechanical Guardian

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    It's funny, I just finished the IOW #200 (before this was out), and it ended up looking like it would fit into this theme. I'll post it, maybe it can inspire someone. I don't know that i have the time or the courage to jump in on this one. Awesome stuff everyone for SURE!

    CHoW#286 :: Aoife & Her Mechanical Guardian
    An Industrial Designer who likes to pretend he can paint.

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    Some seriously cool WIPs coming in here!

    A bit more work on mine - I re-did the composition to emphasise the size of the guardian. First thumbs are playing around with the colour scheme - I think I'm going to go for the middle one. Second is a close-up of Aoife - I will come back to her hands!!!
    Please drop by my sketchbook and help me improve!

    Or check out the following:
    My portfolio and blog
    My facebook
    I'm also available for work! Email me at

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    AdrianNagorski, thanks for the critique... I really didn't want to make anything too "aggro" but I thought it would be a suspenseful moment. Her guardian is always on alert.

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    Aoife and Her Guardian

    This is the first thing that came to me after I read the brief ...
    "Creativity emerges only when the imagination is given the freedom it deserves."

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    Well here is my progress so far, what do you guys think

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