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Thread: CHoW#286 :: Aoife & Her Mechanical Guardian

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    MartinC: Loving that design of the girl in the top-right thumb. Hope you manage to finish.

    Some great entries this week, looking forward to seeing the finals.

    Had very little free time this week between work and been doing EoW too so sort of knew I wouldn't get anywhere with this before the deadline. Thought I might as well post this sketch with some notes all the same..
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    Gonna gradually paint in the robot during my free time after work during this week. Not sure what I'll do about the BG yet.
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    Aoife and Sianach, the Old Council Guardian

    Third round of coloring, need to clean it up and balance some of the levels but I need to finish those character sheets so I'll be working on those this week. Gonna show some of the inner workings of the guardian to reveal its more "mechanical" nature

    Aoife is about 14 or 15, at the cusp of the primal doorstep to adulthood of 16 when she will face a trial of Consciousness. Till that day she wanders a deserted isle of the coast of Ireland blindfolded and guarded by the mechanical beast Sianach. The machine was created by the Old Council who saw fit to remove the enchantress from the influence of society. If the beasts third eye detects an intruder than he will siphon some of the enchantress's innate power to transform the victim into some part of nature, hence the tree frozen in the face of shock on the left.

    I'll post the critiques later,
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    Getting a bit of a late start on this one...

    Here's some feedback, although to be honest, there's such fantastic work up here that I'm doubtful I'll be able to contribute anything useful!

    Mitze: I really, really like your take on Aoife. You gave her an institutionalized look and made her pretty androgynous, which opened a lot of imaginative doors for me in terms of her backstory. Her expression seems to me like she's a bored student, and I really think you took a relatively cliche topic (little girl and Mecha) and came up with a really interesting concept. Great job!

    Marko Markovic: The detail on your robot is really incredible, and I am really impressed with the costume design for Aoife.

    Pixeltuner: I'm a super fan of your stuff, and this piece is just as beautiful as the work I've seen you do. My favorite is definitely the last drawing you posted. Excellent detail on your robot, the grates/windows really intrigue me. I wish I could see more of Aoife, but I believe you'll probably show more detail as you go along.

    Incinerated: Fun peng-bot! I don't think Aoife looks too old; when I first read the topic, I thought she might be a teenager, and your Aoife looks like she's really anxious to grow up and into her growing body. It works!

    Rhdnor: Great composition! I have to say I like the one on top with more of the black outlining a bit better than the latter on the bottom. I think the color scheme of mauve/violet looks better against the gold. The purple shading looks really nice against the metal of the guardian, as well.

    Dranyer: Wow! Aoife number 3 is really cool! I love the different hands representing good and evil...the evil hand is really lovely. You've done a really great job illustrating the idea of a girl born of both good and evil parts. Well done on the staff, too! The structure is really original.

    Abrazuno: Your Aoife is really lovely, and she's floating really nicely. I might fix the feet, however--they look a little swollen on the tops.
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    CHoW#286 :: Aoife & Her Mechanical Guardian
    Last edited by Stinkfist; May 1st, 2012 at 05:48 AM.
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    I started off with cute girl/robot sketches but changed direction for something a little darker. I originally thought a game of chess might be fun. I hope I have enough time to finish this one since it's a great theme but it's a busy week so this might be as far as I get.

    So many fantastic concepts so far. I've enjoyed looking through this thread and seeing what everyone has come up with.
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    dont know if i can make it, but been working in a crazy strange cube/square sci fi mecha idea, that can reform to various modes to protect here it goes
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    awesome stuff mates!!! i already fell in love with some specific works. Interesting variation in designs.
    Here something from me.
    keep up the good work!!!
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    Any coments about the potential of this idea?

    I did a lot of sketches and studies but nothing i like too much as to justify the work of finish it.
    About this one, here are two methafors... one is the face half in light, half in shadow to depict her ambiguity and her good/bad potential, the other is the protecting hand of the robot preventing her form a fall. She is high in the trees because she can....regular people can´t, she is far away from being regular people.
    But even if all of that makes sense, i´m not sure if those methafors really relates with the character design. They are more related with a portray, or an illustration iguess...i mean she can't be all day with the face half in shadow or the hand of the robot just bellow her!

    Anyway...any C&C are more than welcome as always.
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    My sketch so far
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    So decided to attempt this one - little time and I can probably not work for on it during the weekend - but this is what I have from the few sketches I've done.

    (will get better )

    Probably going with the first - that I worked on a bit today (the rest are from some roughs after work on Friday)

    Attachment 1471653
    SB. p31 updated 25.04.2012.
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    Going through a bit of a tough time with this one. I know what I want but I just can't seem to nail it... Annoying!
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    good stuff guys, have some crits

    Dan Good shapes, i find the 3rd one the most fun, while last one seem the have the most potential

    Kamilgin nice bot design and i like the girls silouette, looking forward to seeing it more detailed

    Elephant stroke use bigger brushes, when you use small brushes like that it ends up looking scratchy, plus you'll have an easier time approaching Detail, when your shapes are blocked in.

    kingkostas nice shape langauge in there, i like it.

    Amerasu Good start, although the background is a bit wonky

    Mcreation don't shift draw it will hurt your lines in the long run, your piece looks interesting
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