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Thread: Color theory

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    Every artist should get their hands on Gurneys Light and color book. It solves so many of the little mystries that plague an artist's life.

    Like what Elwell said and Kevin hinted at. To many artist think that the tonality is seperate from the chromality. They aren't. They work together.

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    A Good Suggestion

    The reason for all the controversy and confusion is you've (The Original Poster)inadvertently asked one of the most complex questions in all art-How to depict convincing skin surface using paint especially inrelation to colour.
    After you've read your colour theory primer and actually done the practice exercises with the paint the question you might ask yourself then might be "out of all the ways of painting flesh that there has been which one will I start with?"
    A good starter book on this quest would be "Color for Painters" by Al Gury.

    P.S.If you get that far ask me anything as I am an expert on the subject and that's 100% a factual statement(Yes,just to confirm the last statement IS IRONIC!)and when you've finished the Al Gury Google Turbid medium method and when you've finished get the idea.

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