Art: Frankenthulhu latex mask

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    Frankenthulhu latex mask

    Hi all! This is a latex display mask I made (plus the original sculpture).
    Thanks for looking!

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    Good god that's cool. Well done!

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    Great idea! Brilliantly executed!!

    I love it!

    Earhole Bongsplat
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    Thank you!

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    Excellent work, man! Love the idea and how it came out in the end.

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    Very cool design, a great sculpt and wicked finishing... Looks great man

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    Nice work! I have some questions. Did you have to destroy the sculpt to get it out of the mold. I'm trying to learn myself and in the tutorials Ive seen they always destroy the sculpture when removing it from the mold. Also, what are the spheres you using for the eyeballs in the sculpture, ping pong balls or something?

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    Thank you!

    simps, there's no way to avoid destroying a sculpture if you're making a plaster mold. So take your photos BEFORE molding! :-)

    Think of it this way: If you're going to be casting something flexible, you're generally going to be making a rigid/inflexible mold. If you're casting something rigid/inflexible, you're going to be making a flexible mold.

    When the mold is flexible (silicone, latex), you can generally remove it from the sculpture with little to no damage to the clay (depending on how soft the clay is). Just take your time and work your fingers around all of the undercuts to slowly peel off the mold.

    If the mold is hard, there's no gently peeling it from the model. Depending on your undercuts, that sculpture is going to be jammed in that mold, and you're going to have to break it up/dig it out to remove it.

    The eyes were some kind of rubber sporting goods balls. Can't remember exactly. They're bigger than human eyes (ping pong balls are better for that), but I wanted slightly exaggerated eyes for this piece.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the answer! Much appreciated. Looks like you made some websites!

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    Hey, thanks! I found a couple other reviews as well. deviantArt really gets a LOT of exposure, I guess :-)

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    I only dislike the hair being sculpted and not some sort of wig, but it's aweome nevertheless

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