Sketchbook: First Sketchbook of Julius Obvious Magnus

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    First Sketchbook of Julius Obvious Magnus

    Been lurking around this site for quite some time now, and finally decided to post some stuff of my own.

    I am 22 and completely self-taught. I have no formal training whatsoever. This has served me rather well up to a certain point, but then it starts to show that I am not making any considerable progress To fight that, I have started doodling things that are not in my personal interest sphere along with some serious studies - something that I have not done in almost 7 or 8 years. The biggest weakness is color - which I simply do not know how to work with. I've never done it, even as a kid, always prefered black and white and that is also something that needs to be corrected. While my work may have stagnated in that area, I am almost done with art history studies at the university so I guess that kinda fits in together nicely.

    I now aim to compensate for that almost-five-year-or-more stagnation and over the course of the next year or two take my work to the next level, where it might be even considered commission-worthy.
    I realised that I basically need to reset myself, so to speak, and start all over.
    Old habits die hard, some are useful while some are directly counter-productive. Since one is not always able to objectively judge his own work, sharing it from the "new beginning" is something that sounds like a really good idea. I think this site is a very good place to start with that new beginning heh

    Also, I am always on the lookout for challenges or new ideas. If anyone has any requests or challenges feel free to submit them below.
    Any and all constructive criticism is welcome, so don't be shy and comment please.

    For starters, here are some older works, from about three years ago, including two recent digitally colored doodles.

    This is my very first (and so far only) attempt at drawing a horse.

    And now for the two recent colored pieces. The very first works I can call "colored" while maintaining a serious face. Done in Painter, but I have abandoned that software after these in favor of Photoshop 5.5.

    Name:  mandalorian.jpg
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    More to come!

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