Hey Everyone !,

I am a freelance 3d artist from Sweden who recently launched a webpage called www.handpaintedtextures.com. Its a Webshop where people can buy hand painted textures. Tomorrow assets will be for sale aswell and soon scripts too. We support Paypal.The price for a 512 texture right now is 5$.
However i will release packs of the textures i have done as soon as i get up some more content,that might take a while.

The main problem for me is to know how i will reach the people who needs the textures (indie,gamedevs and so on).

I would mean alot if any of you guys could give me a couple of suggestions on how to best marketing this page. Keep in mind that the page is under construction so there is still alot of things left to be done. advice are welcome to !

Kindly // Jimmy