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    Portfolio piecei n progress...please help!

    Hey all,

    Been browsing for years but I'm only now mustering the guts to post!

    I want this piece to be strong in a portfolio, but I feel I'm already off to a terrible start. Still fleshing everything out, but I want to stop and get opinions before progressing further. Is it weird asking for critique so early in?

    My qualms thusfar:
    I have been referencing Half Dome in Yosemite and pictures of shale for the mountains, but maybe it doesn't seem...mountainy enough. Also the mountains pushing into the middle ground/foreground are supposed to turn into rocky plains, but I can tell I'm already getting into problems with depth.

    Any help with the figures is also appreciated. To me, they're beginning to look 2-dimensional already...but I haven't dug too far into rendering light and shadow yet either.

    I dunno guys, it feels almost like one of those ones to scrap, and start over completely. I am just so frustrated!

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    That's a whole lot of blue. I'd change your lighting and fix your sources.
    The wolf-monster is looking at the viewer instead of looking at his victim (the girl).
    What is the girl doing? Right now it looks like she is digging in the sand. I can tell some parts of her anatomy are off. Her left leg is too short, and the pose looks kind of uncomfortable. Are you using a lot of references?

    I was also a lurker for years too before I finally started posting. It can be intimidating sometimes but don't get discouraged, you can only get better if you stick with it. I'd recommend doing a lot of thumbnails again at least with the foreground.
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    Your frustration is due to trying to pull off something far beyond your current level of ability. You'd be just as frustrated, and lost, if you jumped up on stage and played Stairway to Heaven...without any knowldege of scales, chords, rhythm, etc.

    Keep things simple - work on drawing fundamentals for now until you have a good handle on them. Then begin adding more challenging subjects and scenes slowly, developing your ability as you learn the process. Good luck.
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    School portfolio or work portfolio?

    Tristan Elwell
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    Hi matey

    I do think that the advice you have been given so far is exactly what you need, I would also recomment having a look around peoples sketchbooks for tips and suggestions on how to improve. Sometimes seeing what someone else has done puts a light on in your mind, there are two that I would say look at straight away to help you with the image you are trying at the moment, first :-

    and second

    have a good look around and see how they do it, then comes the hard part ...... emulate it!

    all the very best mate, keep posting and we will helps as we can.
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    You need to darken it a lot to make it more sinister. I did a very quick paintover and put in a couple of light sources. Hope it helps.

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