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Thread: New Logo

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    New Logo

    Been working on a new personal project called Portland Loves Pints. We are going to blog, video podcast, and do a webseries all about Portland beer since we host over 40+ breweries in a 20 mile radius.

    I wanted the logo to play on the green/sustainable influence the city has but keep a little bit of the tie-in to our MLS soccer team the Portland Timbers and also still make it seem like there is a heavy focus on beer.

    Let me know what you think, a little late to change it now as we are using it on our collateral materials but I'm always looking for feedback.

    If the project interests you check us out:!/PtlndLovesPints

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    Thumbs up

    I think design-wise it looks great, but I personally had trouble reading the font. IDK if it's because of the size on my screen (perhaps it's more readable on a smaller format) but I had one of those ", it's a P" moments.
    Visually, it is a great-looking logo..maybe if the letter spacing was greater it would have more readability.

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    It's not instantly readable. You have to go with another font.

    Also, if you're posting a logo, I think it'd be a good idea to post it in various sizes and in B&W so it's easy to see how it works in scale and in different mediums.

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    There might be a little too much going on with the pint, as sandystevees mentioned, simplicity is a key, and as calireayn touched on, a logo will have to work in lots of sizes and formats. In this case, both on screen at 72dpi and on some sheet someone photocopied to get a copy in black and white, it's not going to work, there's not a lot of contrast and the simplicity isn't fantastic.

    You clearly have the design elements sorted, it's just whittling away what you don't need now, make it simple and memorable. I don't think you'll be needing textures in a logo, for example (and as everyone so far has said, pick a new typeface!)

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    The ribbon behind the crest is a bit empty. Maybe you replace the front ribbon with the back ribbon so it's more towards that.

    Maybe I'm wrong but you could try and see some differences.

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    I would have to say it looks like every other label I have seen for beer. Which is cool if your going for that but it really doesn't bring anything to the table.

    Like the font for Portland (I think is that) is unreadable because it looks like it's written in Russian. So you have to have a double take. You want something fun look at how odd the font is on this and it's still readable:

    Lastly, when your doing a label or brand you want it to represents what your selling. People will know it's beer when the see in the case, what your selling with a logo is a life style. You should choose this beer because it is XXX and where just plan amazing as well. Like here is bud light's branding:

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    Thanks for all the feedback

    Nice to have a public sounding board of people who aren't my friends or family telling me they really like it.

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    My first reaction to the logo, including the font, was positive. It's charming to have a fancy font for beer. But after searching for existing beer logos, the other commenters are right that it's not as legible as most. Even the more fancy fonts like the one Corona uses are still significantly more legible. So it's probably worth picking something different for the font. Good point also about the Russian feel (I didn't notice at first, but anyone more familiar with Soviet iconography would notice immediately).

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    Hi, how are you... cool logo, but there's a problem with the main typography, as several others have pointed out... have you tried, perhaps, to assign a color to the face of the type?

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    I like the green and the wood texture with the beer. It kind of brings back memories.
    I agree with what others have said about type and simplicity. I think you have something going with the mood or lifestyle it communicates.
    It's like an old friends getting together thing, like an old-school, classic beer... (don't know if that made sense ).

    Try working in B&W first, get the logo readable in small sizes too. Then you can do the full-color version.

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    I like the kind of pub feel that it gives off. Fonts need to be altered a bit though.

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    So I listened to all of this feedback, and really started looking at the posters and tshirts and how simple they are and distilled the logo down to something much simpler but still keeping most of the other elements. Thanks for all the feedback, really started to think about printing and the realities of inkjet on clothing vs screenprinting, the sizes it would be used and, and for some advertising purposes, what it looks like in grayscale.

    So here is the 2.0 version:

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    Nov 2012
    The newer font for "Portland" looks nice, but now the "loves pints" feels unconnected with the rest of the logo. I thought the gold leaves complimented the ribbons in the logo. I also suggest maybe making the ribbons curve more?

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    It's great to see your improvements I really like the simplified version but also feel "love pints" looks a bit disconnected - probably because it isn't aligning up to anything in particular but I'm not sure what the simple fix to this would be. Keep experimenting and post your progress. You have a lovely eye for the vectors, the pint looks very froffy and yummy

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