Hey there,

I am practicing realy hard to improve myself in digital painting for two years but my progress is very slow and I am always unsatisfied so that I abolish most of my works. This miniute I am trying to improve my skill in shadeing and matallike materials, furthermore I m working on my style so that I am using Warhammer figures and drawings as guides.

This is my issue of last evening:
WIPs of Folterknecht

And this is todays:
WIPs of Folterknecht

In the first example I ve started coloring direktly. In the second example I am shading black and white before I ll use colors. The second one looks better somehow but i can t figure out why. I d like to keep the progress. What is it and how do I practice this?
Is there something I should attend to when puttin colors on?

Other critiques and hints are VERY welcome, too.

Thank you so far