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Thread: Please check out my portfolio blog page and give me critique

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    Please check out my portfolio blog page and give me critique

    Hi please check out my blog at and give me some overall helpful critique I would greatly appreciate it, thanks

    Sam shields
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    Hi matey

    Can you please take the time and make the effort to post your work in here and make them of a decent size please. The ones on the blog are really small and hard to make out let alone crit.

    A great kind hearted lumbering bullock = my Sketchbook
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    Well the biggest issue is the loading time of the blog.
    Firebug reveals that most of your images are huge and auto-resized. That means a 23mb images is still loaded fully- it took me more than 5 seconds to load the blog, that is wayyy to long. Use tools like to see where you can improve.
    Your design should be more coherent. You are switching between capital letters and lower-case letters in your titles, which feels sloppy- after all, you want to present yourself professionally.
    Make more use of your blog as a blog. Right now it is an image gallery without comments, loads of "uncategorized" entries and no reading experience. If someone links their blog, I expect one. This way, you confuse your customers. I see many artists have both a gallery-based website and a blog. The former to present art, the latter to share thoughts, progress, information, etc.
    Your website does not really have a visible head title. You have 3 random words at the top right, which I mistook for a navigation because it is very common for blogs to have the navigation lined up there. The "Sam Shields" blob on the rights looks lost, and it is not clear whether it is a logo or contact information.

    On a personal note, I would get rid of the endless-refreshing when scrolling down. It increases loading time and doesn't really make sense for an art blog because you want the visitor to see the latest, and then the attention drawn to popular categories. On that note, if you want to stick to the design, I would float the navigation so that the viewer can always navigate away after having scrolled down for a long time. It's simple to do with jquery, just to link one tutorial.
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    There's a separate forum for portfolio reviews: PORTFOLIO REVIEWS with CA and TAD. By the looks of it though, I think you were right in coming to the critique center. Try posting one image (not a link), or at most a series of related images. Consider briefly describing your goals and concerns for the image. Also take a quick look through the stickies.
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