Hello everyone

My name is Eru, I'm 19 years old and I live in New Zealand, so this should clarifiy a little bit about what I want to do to further studying in my country. At the moment I'm studying a Diploma of 3D Animation at Media Design School. I've learn't a lot about Concept art and definately believing this is what I want to do, because I love to create and design in this industry(Game,movies,Children book etc). I have learnt also that my favourite concept Artists I.E. Terryl Whitlatch, Mike Corriero, Jerad S marantz, other artists all studied a degree in Fine Arts or studied at an Art school to further their career.

What I'm asking is, should I study a degree in Fine arts or go to an Art school to learn different techniques. I believe I jumped straight into learning 3D without developing traditional skills or backgrounds. I learn't a bit of painting at school but haven't further things that I love because I do everything digitally.

Next year I've been thinking of doing a Bachelor degree in Game development; the concept art side, or a Degree in something to do with Art.

I'm wanting to know where I could study after 3D animation? Where is the right direction?

I have asked my tutors they said do workshops after class and build your portfolio. Which is my other idea to help me improve

Thank you for you time.