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    Help with comic pages

    Hey guys,
    I'm looking to get a bit of advice on some pages for my webcomic.

    I especially feel like there's something off with the perspective on the 4th panel of the second page.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    4th panel-
    A main focal point is the roof of that large building, and the perspective for it is going the wrong way. Your only using one point, of the two point horizontal perspective. The vertical horizon line should be in the middle of the page( parallel w/ her back leg) with lines disappearing away from it, your lines are all disappearing off to the right.

    Just make sure the horizontal lines are parallel on both sides of the street, that should be close enough. Push it up a bit so your not drawing the front faces on the bottom buildings, your kind of mixing a fish eye view in with two point or something.

    There's a few ways to fix it is my point. ok, off to bed w/ me lol...
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    Also in terms of the actual comics, this seems to rely very heavily on talking heads and cropping half of the stuff away, like it's going to the minimum of what it needs to get away with storytelling, composition or complexity, which in the end looks stiff and unnatural because you really are not going to see very many people completely from profile in real life (since people tend to communicate with subtle and less subtle body language by turning their heads and so on, like when someone is coughing directly to your face you may instinctively turn your head away and squint your eyes etc), but this features five panels purely of people in profile.
    I can understand if some of the cropping has been done comedy in mind, but as whole the lack of camera angles comes off bit boring and looks like an easy shortcut to avoid drawing anything too complex, especially when the guy falls down to the floor.
    This page of "Drawing Comics The Marvel Way" showcases the difference when you use more dynamic and changing camera angles.
    Attachment 1460609

    Also the composition in the second page's fourth panel is bit confusing, if you want to have her leap between buildings, then having a bit more "mid or end-action" pose would probably work better than that... now she looks like she's just pushing herself to jump, but the effect of it that she looks like she's not jumping at all, but just took a wrong turn while running and will next plummet to the ground. As opposed to say, a pose where her front leg is already extended to break her fall when she'll land to the roof.
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