Hello hello, I have been working on still life drawings as many advised since I don't have a scanner I cannot really upload any of those pieces for now, but I have still been meddling with photoshop on the side to see if I can apply anatomy I'm observing.. I did a sketch of a dragon, but there's perspective/anatomy issues that I see are questionable in my own eyes, but I cannot seem to visualize the right perspective/anatomy.. So, I was wondering if I could get some help ! The perspective I want is the dragon body facing straight, while his feet are slightly angled apart, and his face turned looking back.. (Not sure if you will understand)
Thank you

Basically, I drew a dragon with his wings covering a little child (the stick figure.. stick figure will be further developed :p) from what will be rain.
Attachment 1459681

I circled questionable portions here.. There are probably more issues you guys can spot tho :

Attachment 1459682

A VERY quick coloring to see if I could get major values in- could use some help here as well, but mostly concerned with the perspective/anatomy as of now
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