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Thread: C.O.W. #255. Zelda Monster Redesign - VOTING!

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    C.O.W. #255. Zelda Monster Redesign - VOTING!

    Round 255 - Voting!

    Topic: Zelda Monster Redesign

    Deadline for voting: April 25th, 2012

    Requirements for the week (Read BEFORE voting!):
    - choose only the listed monsters to redesign.

    - you only need to redesign 1, but you may choose to do more if you like. just keep them in the same image.

    - your design should be recognizable as to which monster you are redesigning.
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    Artist: aburnier

    Concept: Crimson Cave Tektite
    I wanted to make the attack mechanism of the Tektite more deadly. In the old design, the creature jumps to ram its enemy, but since the shell was basically smooth and the creature wasn't very large to begin with, it was always more of an annoyance than a threat.

    I increased its size, made its body segmented to create a more feasible creature design, and added some small thorns to its carapace to make its jump attack far more "impacting". Its mandibles are also much larger. It puts these to work after its victim is stunned and/or maimed from the initial body slam.

    This specific variety of red Tektites dwells in mountain caves. They are nomadic and hence not territorial, however they are very aggressive and enjoy attacking travelers or each other for sport. Be sure to carry your sword and shield with you at all times!

    P.S: I don't know what the magic glowy things are in the foreground, but I needed some secondary light source to make the creature less flat-looking.
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    C.O.W. #255. Zelda Monster Redesign

    Artist: DiHeB

    Concept: River Zora
    This is an extemely hostile amphibious creature. It attacks humans on sight, mainly at night. Attack consists of popping out of the water and spewing a incandescent ball of energy generated from the center of their hands . When its prey falls dead on the land, this creature crawls searching the corpse and then bring it back into the water to devour it.

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    Artist: Dahlia

    Concept: Octorok

    Perhaps the most ubiquitous of Zelda monsters, the octorok has evolved yet again. As pesky and easy to kill as ever, these tentacled, rock spitting beings have adapted to every environment in Hyrule. From the oceans to the forests to Fire Mountain, the octorok are there to distract Link from complicated strategic problem solving, and pop out of the darkness to knock his one last remaining heart right before he completes a task.

    The face shield provides modest protection against small rocks deflected by Link's shield. Varying colors act as camouflage in different environments. A remarkably high breeding rate accommodates numerous combative deficiencies.
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    Artist: Whiskey Sour

    Concept: Octorok

    The octorok's have been evolving to survive against the increasingly powerful Zelda sequels.

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    Artist: Sunseaker

    Concept: River Zora

    You dont want to be encountering one of these guys when you're stomping around in your Iron Boots.

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    The Voice of Pol

    T_T i can't upload. even tiny pic won't let me. i have a ping and jpeg version, neither work
    well DA took it
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    Artist: Ex Nihilo

    Concept: Octorok

    The pressure is building...

    Depending upon the proximity of the victim, projectiles may be accompanied with a toxic gas that is highly irritating to skin and devastating to eyes and lungs. The Octorok might choose to expel gas without a projectile if there is none handy, and if the victim is in range.

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    Artist: Vegasmike
    Concept: Giant Desert Tektite

    I wanted to retain the simplicity of the first tektite while making a more formidable opponent. I imagine this would be a mid boss encounter in a desert valley...The Tektite uses its legs to stomp Link into the sand causing him to slow down. Link must roll out of the way so that the legs get stuck in the sand for a short time and then focus his attack on the eye.
    Adam Vehige aka VegasMike
    Check out my gallery!:

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    Artist: Moemoore

    Concept: Tektite
    Medium sized insectoid creatures well known for their leaping abilities, tektites are a common sight on mountain trails and lake regions alike. Though easily dispatched by skilled adventurers, the highly territorial tektite can still pose a threat, especially when encountered in groups. Tektites possess a large cycloptic eyespot pattern on the front of their carapaces which serves to confuse enemies and deceive them into focusing their attacks on its durable armour instead of their vulnerable faces.

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: River Zora and Peahat

    Within the swampy water temple you will repeatedly encounter large River Zoras. Their hefty build makes them fairly difficult to engage. Armed with sharp claws and energy blasts from their mouths make them an enemy not to take lightly. You can attack with your sword, but it is best to prepare to throw a bomb in their mouths as they ready to fire a blast of energy. Also within this temple are peahats. They usually just float around without dealing to much damage, and relatively easy to kill, but they will ram Link when he gets too close. Try to avoid peahats when jumping between gaps.

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    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    Artist: ENNEX

    Concept: Pol's Voice
    Can leap great distances, latching onto enemies with the large maw in the center of it's torso. While difficult to keep up with, Pol's Voice is still sensitive to noise and can be stunned temporarily.

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    Artist: Flame_Unquenchable

    Concept: Garudo Peahat
    When travelling through the Garudo desert, a common creature seen is the desert Peahat. Unlike it's Hylian cousin the desert Peahat is only sporadically agressive, being more inclined to allow the wind to lift it into the air and then drop back down to the earth when tired. Some say that certain adventurers have been known to hookshot the desert Peahat for faster travel across the blistering desert, however this is most certainly myth and should not be attempted.

    Attachment 1463438

    I really wish I had, had more time to work on this one. I did a redesign of the redesign today in pencil and had to rush to finish. This was a really fun challenge.
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