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    Smile Colour study and fantasy characters

    I'm a Swedish game development student currently writing my bachelor's thesis at the University of Skövde. In my thesis I study how viewers perceive a character depending on the colour scheme and the characters traits.
    The survey contains two defined fantasy characters, either good or evil, with different kinds of colour schemes of the colours red, blue, green and purple. There is a total of 18 pictures where 16 are different colour variations. The survey will take about 10 minutes and you will answer anonymously.

    To get to the survey use this link:

    Thank you

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    Need some more help

    Hello again,

    Sorry to bother you all again but I need some more help with my survey. It won't take long, about 10 min, and I would be super grateful if you could take your time and look at my art and answer the questions.

    For more info look in the earlier post.

    Have a nice day!

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    Actually if you want to do it well, with deeply thought answers, it takes more than 20 minutes to think about everything.

    I'd suggest to think about a less monotonous way to ask the questions. I've answered the first and second questions, and when I've seen that everything was the same, I didn't continue.

    Anyway, good luck with the research!

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    Yeah, I answered four questions when you first posted this and realized it was the same thing over and over, just with a normal character and one ever so slightly darkened. The darkened characters weren't even well done or well thought out. It just looks like an amateur messed up the levels or something.

    Very boring. You should put more effort into this if you want to hold the attention of busy strangers.

    EDIT: It's a neat idea in theory. I wish you'd test different colors instead of just lighter/darker. The stereotypes of light = good and dark = sinister are already well known and over-abused. Make some changes and you'll have a thesis to be proud of. Good luck either way!
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    And this also could have benefited from having one neutral looking character on addition (like say, a soldier/knight), or downplaying the character traits to give the remaining traits more ambiguity (as well as doing the colours better).
    Now both of the characters could easily be from some "How to draw good and evil manga characters by Christopher Hart" book but were just missing the stereotypical angel and devil wings respectively. And then having to explain these things felt pretty stupid, especially for something that's for an university thesis.
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