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Thread: ChoW#284 :: Northern Hunter

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    Trolljack that character is looking great! and so is to see all the different interpretations.

    Some sketches..trying to focus more on design and design process. The last one wont make it because of the weight but i may keep some idea from it.
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    I am very tired! Ya'll look gorgeous. Trolljack, I Barkarmor.
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    very nice all.

    YouAreNotAlone: Love it. Especially that u went for the harpoon as a weapon.
    Kahel: Great start! Always love notes on sketches. Also might wanna experiment w/ weapons. Definitely u got the clothes down alrdy.
    Parsakoira: What can I say... Awesome. Quick and rough and communicates everything!! Design's spot on.
    tsujni: Like the female one especially. Play more w/ silhouettes.
    Tom94: Nice texture on the fur. Mite wanna redo the pose. Get someone to pose for u or pose urself and take a photograph.
    Ironbyte : Nice. On its way already. and nice pencil work. Also those wrapppings, try and play around w/ those. Put em on different places maybe ot maybe they're made of different material.
    audit: I like the mask version a lot. Love the strip in the chest too.
    PaperJester : Love the linework. Cant wait to see it finished.
    JanJager: Upper middle pose i like the most.
    Trolljack: Very nice weapon!! And a nice take on the armor too.
    elephant´s stroke: like the middle sketch most. Almost ghoulish and hunched.
    maxscomputer: Love the variety.
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    Probably the best design I've seen so far, considering the brief.

    Pose wise I like the far right one a bit, or the top middle one.

    Although he looks pretty tough I am not getting much "Northern Hunter" in any aspect of him. Looks more like a medieval brawler or something. Maybe consult some of the reference images a little? Remember, creativity is still important, so think of several key elements to tie your idea to the brief.

    Maybe you can show battle scars on just on the flesh but in the clothing somehow? Holes or tears, patchwork leather, etc.

    Neat pose, obviously looking forward to the end result.

    @Elephant's Stroke
    I like that griffin head looking dude, or the guy with the wolf legs. Something a little different.

    So this is my first rough color layout and such, thematically going to do with birds and so forth as his theme, like he sees through them or something, also uses their giant skulls for his spear, etc. Probably have his eyes glowing as well. Let me know what you think!


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    Parsakoira, *__* whoa, love the movement and dynamics, and that mask looks pretty cool.
    elephant´s stroke, yeah, thanx for the tip) Btw, nice sketches, keep it going.
    tsujni, male character looks nice, except his unclothed arms - how about giving him gloves or something? =D
    audit, cape and skull-mask looks great. And yeah, i got the same problem with warm clothes =D It makes my character look heavy.
    Trolljack, whoa, that's something really standing out from the crowd) Nice design.
    meeatu, hehe, thanx, man)
    Dread_Reaper, yep, added some holes and gaps on his clothes and fur, looks like it works!)
    Like your character's pose and wild look)

    Here's a lil update. Got rid of heavy skirt and baggy pants, replaced heavy bone-weapon with horn-bow and wooden arrows, added "claws" on his shoes - that things allows him to move on the ice, climb the trees and deal additional damage in a close-range fight.
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    @DreadReaper you're right i'm scrapping that lol
    @TrollJack wow I'm loving the idea
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    Trying some ideas.

    meeatu Thanks, will experiment with the wrapping later.
    Trolljack Great armour
    maxscomputer Like the 3rd, very werewolfey
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    audit: Holy shit that looks awesome. Love face and the costume design. Awesome spear/harpoon too. I think the shape works very well now. Interesting shapes are important, but simplicity and repetition can work too. Obviously you can have shapes both simple and interesting at the time, probably the best way to go.

    tsujini: that has an awesome feeling to it. Please take it further.

    PaperJester:Awesome, heavy-armored hunter of the north. Very space-marine ish sorta.

    YouAreNotAlone: great sketch. Love the all the accessories.

    TrollJack: Awesome, love the helmet. His left arm seems a bit short though, and the waist a little too thin.

    Ironbyte:Cool deisng on the outfit. His pose seems a bit awkward, maybe lower the center of weight a little bit? Also, if you can, take a picture of yourself holding two massive spears. I think the way he is holding it right now would probably cause a lot of wrist strain.

    Anyway, here's like about 3 hours and a half's work. Don't think I follow your story Eofn, but I guess we can take our own spin on it.
    So instead of the sorta winter ranger approach, I decided to try something different. When I think of hunter, I tend to think of somebody vicious and full of tricks and treacheries.
    So here's a Mrs. Mildred Wombsmouth. She's a very kind old woman, and she loves babies, especially the taste of their cute little mangled pinkie fingers ;D
    Attachment 1458145

    And here's just a crappy sketch, she has a cute little Beaked Serpent too. You know, can't hunt babies without a loyal pet, for her old bones especially.
    Attachment 1458148
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    Lots of cool and interesting entries. I'll drop my WIP and hopefully finish this by said deadline.

    ChoW#284 :: Northern Hunter
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    I must get more hunting gear on this dude, since the clothes make the man.
    Clothing inspired by Sami culture.
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    audit: Loving the mask as well.

    elephant's stroke: Nice sketches. Kinda liking the one with the bow the most. I like the mask.

    Trolljack: Cool concept! It has a very different vibe to it, would love to see how this develops.

    YouAreNotAlone: Really liking the patterns and the tattered bits. It gives a nice weathered feeling to it.

    Kerah: Great start! Don't know if you're planning to stick with this color palette, but so far it works nicely I think.

    Zenarion: Big fan of color and I'm already loving this.

    Alright, a bit of an update before going to bed. I'm still mulling over whether I should go with my instincts and amp up the color and patterns and stuff, but that would seem to go against the concept of stealth. Then again, it is fantasy after all. Hrm. Mull mull mull.
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    A Sami-based concept. Since it's fantasy based, I'll take advantage and make his harpoon more interesting.
    Love means never having to say "you're a special snowflake."

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    Well Here's a quick one, still not sure if this is where I wanna go with it, but I'll post this one for starters.

    Kahel - Like the almost piratey aspect of it in your sketches, looks like you've gone for a more tibetan look though

    Parsakoira - I really like the movement, excited to see where that one goes

    audit - Love the face mask

    continue - I really like the different approach you're taking on this

    ChoW#284 :: Northern Hunter
    I Do Sketch-Casts & Stream Video Games Stop by some time

    MyPaint FTW
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